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New comics
There are new comics on the way, sorry it's been so long, I've got some drawn so maybe we'll get those up soon.
do it kid. do it!!!
... nigel
that is awesome
my scanner is trying to not work with the new computer and i think that i might just freak if it dosent work soon. i think that i might take a picture of my comic and then load it up as a photo... that should work... right???-nigel
he is so unfeeling. i love it.
and what about me. i am part of this too. talk to me too!!! hmmm...
Lots and lots of text.
I just love how that last panel came out...
I rather liked how this one came out... or at least how my undead wookie thing came out. :)
personally, i have never known how it feels to be new.
... nigel
hmmm.. i cant think of anything to say.
that makes me smile a bit
Heh heh... you caught me. But then I never claimed to be a great writer.

Just to do one? Maybe a day... maybe half a day. But I do plan them out in advance.
I have thumbnail sketches done for the next arc, but havn't drawn any of them yet, for example.

I tell ya what, next arc, you can spell check, yes?
I love it.
It makes me so happy... :)
Thanks, but don't get used to it. The font is kiiinda ever altering... I switch back
and forth through various styles as the comic goes on.
Don't blame me!
I didn't put it on there... but then I like it and am not taking it down. :P
Okay... so I changed it.
Thanks... :) Soon you will get to see my ever changeing font! Bwahahahaha!!!
who is sullen?, oh, and Rayn, i do like you and Nex's Strip. very funny!