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Bibble babble bobble boop.

Boop boop boop.

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He's not wrong.
@RazorD9: Just goes to show George should've joined Team Rocket all along. If you want to catch 'em ALL, that's how to get it done.
It probably means something along the lines of "I don't hate you".
Oh, so THAT'S where rain comes from. It's the trees that go up in the air.
Aw crap, he probably DID forget the whole Flash thing.
Aw come on. Don't take it so... heart.
You're not feeling it because the armor blocks it.
She might never even find out.
Nice to see RGB is still perfectly capable of helping out.
@abigaelnunes: I agree with this comment.
Dude, at least steal the cap if you want to fool anyone with that ID.
Looks like somebody is totally ready to POKEMON GO TO THE POLLS!!!
Correction: And no one ever saw her again.
@evilnidhogg: Maybe they're not clothes.
Honest mistake, I'm sure.
His skill with balancing on that ball is astonishing.
It seems like quite an effective recruitment strategy.
"Call the others. I just killed the universe and the sun died as well."