Bibble babble bobble boop.

Boop boop boop.

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They should've stepped back on the button 5 seconds later for a free Luigi kill.
TV is killing (wasting) children's lives by luring them into fictional worlds of adventure?
You forgot to give him headphones with the bass being audible to everyone around (or beneath) him.
Oh dear, is Hobo going to be their new dad?
Yusra must look pretty insane to the non-telepathic in the room.
Dammit Nia. Why can't you have your heart in your chest like all the other kids? You're so difficult.
And that's how Mary died.
Thank you for the safety hole, mister Bowser.
I didn't expect my elemental resistance question to become relevant this soon. :'3
@MilkyTea: Yeah, he can swim.
The best way to become the Pokemon Champion is to terrify all the gym leaders, elite 4, and champions, to such an extent that they'll just give you the title to keep you away.
Jeez Kei you really let this place go.
What about Bulbasaur, Charmender, Squirtle, Nidorino, Onix, Mankey, Gengar, and (especially) Gyarados?
@VelvetRainbow: Don't be ridiculous. He's clearly still alive in terrible agony.
Lol suddenly an unknown comic in my feed and I'm co-authoring it.

> Into the storm we go.
Awww, the poor thing looks starved.
His cruel eternal condemnation is actually not that different from his life so far.

It actually became a bit more interesting now that he's tumbling a bit.