Bibble babble bobble boop.

Boop boop boop.

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Lol suddenly an unknown comic in my feed and I'm co-authoring it.

> Into the storm we go.
Awww, the poor thing looks starved.
His cruel eternal condemnation is actually not that different from his life so far.

It actually became a bit more interesting now that he's tumbling a bit.
Attaboy is the perfect nickname for him.
I like how his tongue has teeth.
Boom is a good spell. Quick and intuitive.

Now I want to see a magical battleground where mages are dramatically yelling onomatopoeia at each other.
Lol, Luigi hiding outside.
There's not really much (technological) science involved, so I think Fantasy as a genre might be a better fit. They're kinda the same genres but fantasy is more about strange biology and magic, and sci-fi is more about technology.
@chaos-of-vinnie: Well, except that present brother is dead.
To be fair, Atty is the one being a little ridiculous here. He saw it happen with his own eyes but he's like "Wow magical author god in the skies, don't you think this is a bit absurd?".

Not to mention his Rat can do the same thing just fine.
@chaos-of-vinnie: Wouldn't PETA just take the cows away and then kill them anyway.
Does anyone know at what pages this scene happened before?
Meanwhile Luigi legit died.
What Lord Enigma said.
But with starch.
April 24th, 2017
@random0013: I think that's a pretty toxic attitude towards "most people".