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She's having a lot of fun with this.
Does this make Modmad the main villain?
Aw geez RGB. T-that's pretty bad.
Hmm so Hero is a "what". Awkward.
Thad: "You've got a worse right hook than I do!"
September 25th, 2017
Shouldn't Samsol also say something when he enters a contract like this?
September 21st, 2017
Oh come on is she really going to fall for that.
Looks like someone is going to earn their super villain status.
@SpeedComics: It's possible to do it, and on this page only, but it is a lot of work for such a small joke.
September 16th, 2017
"I'm not telling Joseph"

Rule nr 1 of fictional characters: Never talk about anything important even if it's life-threatening.
....that we're inverted.
Deep down, Eggman isn't stupid. He just wants a friend to play with.
@Novanto: But if he's a liar, it must be a triple negative, so he speaks the truth!
I bet it will turn him into a turtle. That'll show him.
Is he gonna shoot DT in the head now?
Is Indigo about to make a generous donation to the Inversians?
Atty, if you want to be treated like a civil member of a respectable team you might not want to pursue a career in crime.
"Dammit my crush is only attracted to lying demons."