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Oh come on is she really going to fall for that.
Looks like someone is going to earn their super villain status.
@SpeedComics: It's possible to do it, and on this page only, but it is a lot of work for such a small joke.
September 16th, 2017
"I'm not telling Joseph"

Rule nr 1 of fictional characters: Never talk about anything important even if it's life-threatening.
....that we're inverted.
Deep down, Eggman isn't stupid. He just wants a friend to play with.
@Novanto: But if he's a liar, it must be a triple negative, so he speaks the truth!
I bet it will turn him into a turtle. That'll show him.
Is he gonna shoot DT in the head now?
Is Indigo about to make a generous donation to the Inversians?
Atty, if you want to be treated like a civil member of a respectable team you might not want to pursue a career in crime.
"Dammit my crush is only attracted to lying demons."
I kinda hope she's going to burst out laughing now.
Do the teeth Jims drown when Human Jim holds water in his mouth? Or is that what the shark is for?
That's a convenient power.
August 14th, 2017
I guess Nia is about to agree.
So this guy is doing just fine?
Wouldn't it be a lot faster and easier for Shapeless to just turn a piece of himself into a human and have it crucified so all the sins disappear?
To be fair though, Snipers do get lower elims, since elim means kill or assist.

D.Va gets insane elims because every time a single bullet hits an enemy she gets an elim for it. Snipers only get a low amount of shots to work with and can't score cheap elims that way.

Full disclosure: Death to Hanzo mains.