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I guess mortality is something that primarily exists in mortals.
April 21st, 2018
@Shaleene: But this is her face after the tentacle beast left her ship.
That's a peculiar military dress code where the guards are allowed to wear their hair under their helmet in such a way that they can't see anything.
Grim.... He and his children need to eat. Surrender is death too.
Just make sure not to play Junkrat in ranked mode because then you're not being a team player and people will report you and Blizzard will ban you for not "being a good person".

Even though their ranking system is set up to reward playing exclusively one hero, preferably an underplayed one.

Overwatch is going to implode on its dumb decisionmaking soon enough.
@lazy-lil-king: The one at the bottom of the page of course.
It's got nice arms I'll give it that.
Wario looks like a pope now.
Bean guy's got style to be honest.
@woolysox123: It's either him or an identical clone.
I like the O-shaped sound waves.
Lol maybe you should watch a significant part of a show *before* starting a comic about it.
March 5th, 2018
Can't she just purify the salt water with magic?
"Why are they connected to your arms? That's so weird!"
Wario is pretty good.
February 17th, 2018
Ah yes. Every good conversation starts with that question.
"You want to see my Rapidash again, don't you?"
Two typos there in one bubble there,
"holding of" should be "holding off", and "ehere" should be "where".
She's been Black all along but all her clothes were black to begin with so she never realized they would change colour.
This world.... Is it her child's mind? Guided by television? Ending as it's overcome with doubts, fears, griefs, hate, and time? Her thoughts being substituted by dreams?