Bibble babble bobble boop.

Boop boop boop.

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August 14th, 2017
I guess Nia is about to agree.
So this guy is doing just fine?
Wouldn't it be a lot faster and easier for Shapeless to just turn a piece of himself into a human and have it crucified so all the sins disappear?
To be fair though, Snipers do get lower elims, since elim means kill or assist.

D.Va gets insane elims because every time a single bullet hits an enemy she gets an elim for it. Snipers only get a low amount of shots to work with and can't score cheap elims that way.

Full disclosure: Death to Hanzo mains.
Oh, I see. If they consume too much, the land eats the whole area.
I still love how you draw the environments to resemble the blocky game sprites.
That wall that wasn't supposed to be touched sure is taking a beating.
If she appears at this time and hasn't aged since that photo was taken I think it's pretty safe to assume she's also a ghost.
Toby keeps dying younger and younger.
Not the most impressive emergency.
Next time stick the spear in his face Toby.
Eh, at least your boyfriend will be better able to defend himself now.
Oh dear.

I don't think unleashing all the water of the ocean onto your television is going to do a good job of saving him, Hero.
Peach is quite the sadist.
Is it even possible for a black coffee to not be kosher?

Also, related:
Wow Toby you missed, you noob.
@TheJGamer: A single person cannot do a conspiracy. A conspiracy is when two or more people agree on something in secret. You might be confused with the words "scheme" or "hoax".
Maybe somewhere else will be different after all.