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Bibble babble bobble boop.

Boop boop boop.

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That dramatic mutation panel is gold.
She's caught. The rules say she dies now.
About time he tried talking with her.
April 21st, 2019
Idunno. Plant boy, Plant boy's brother, and Plant boy's wife, seems like a pretty sensible party.
Great to see you back!

(Might want to remove this page now, it's a bit jarring during the read.)
The official law of Stratoverse states...

Deep down, Atty knew this would happen. That's why he dressed up with a villain mustache for the occasion.
Guess he didn't kill the brain before eating. That's gonna nag at him.
Best guess: He's not allowed to make new planets. He screwed up too much with his previous ones.
Those not strong enough to fly don't reach the Kingdom of the Sun. Seems pretty simple.

I imagine the Kingdom of the Sands isn't particularly popular with lung patients either.
I'm not really convinced. People already tried to steal the cuiburn before, when they were still under the farm's care. How can cuiburn be simultaneously impossible to interact with and commonly farmed?
What George doesn't yet realize, is that her life goal will eventually require her to also steal people's Pokemon.

She's gotta catch 'em ALL.
Well, it makes sense I guess. Wouldn't want to drop it off a cloud.
"I've never seen him with anyone."

Lol mole thing you're forgetting someone.
Then maybe you should've kept your mouth closed, kid.
Time for Nia to replace Uni in the new Niaverse.
Okay but who gave Bart Simpson a license to drive vehicles?
February 18th, 2019
Well the statement is not wrong.
"SIR Marcus"
"You currently have no right to address Sir Marcus like that."


Well that went from zero to disaster quick.