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I probably won't ever submit a webcomic. I want to, believe me. But I probably won't.
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So god damn sad. This was utterly beautiful, and your art is impeccable. You better be proud! >D
HOLY CRAP, I know I guy with that name and he's also a druggie if not technically a dealer. (He tried to sell pot to his tutor, lol.) O.O Scary coincidence!

Anyway, I adore this comic so far, and your art is so freaking amazing. Like WOW amazing. <3
God I adore your art. <3 This story is so lovable!
I LOVE HIS MOTHER. <3 Seriously, this comic makes me giddy.
September 27th, 2009
I'm happy you're updating again, too. <3 And I never realized before, but I love the way you draw hair. =D
OMG IS IT MONDAY?? IS THIS THE FISTFIGHT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR?! Lol, Amelia. I love Ren. I can't wait to see what happens next!
<3 I'm still praying for your dad and I'm glad to see you felt good enough to update. I hope everything works out. This page made me smile. :'D
I think I'd scream, too. XD
REN NOOOO DON'T SAY THOSE THINGS. Y'know, I didn't like Ren at first? But I totally love him now, and he's ironically my favorite character. XD He has good intentions... I think?
Can't wait to see how Clover reacts to this. @_@
For goodness sake, take your time! Of course we understand! <3 I hope your father gets better. In the meantime, we're all praying for you.
I didn't think stalking could ever be a good thing, but Ren has convinced me otherwise. XD (I AM SO MAD AT MONDAY RITE NAO D<)
Teehee - Edmund's chubby! :D Gasp, I can't wait for the meeting between Richard and Henry!
<3 This series makes me laugh my ass off.
I am going to cry so hard when this ends. T_T I'm loving the fact this is a flashback chapter, though! <3 Henry's so cuuuute!
Thank God for the comic spotlight of this, or I never would have found this comic.

You made me laugh. Really loud. And that's just awesome.
I am just LOVING this comic! I just giggled so much... XD Ann is the BEST.
I laughed SO HARD reading this.. XDDD I'm STILL snickering to myself, actually...
I forgot how much I loved this comic... -sob- Thank you so much!
He's so dumb. <3 But it's adorable.
Ooh! I really like your old style! <3 And congrats on the fans, you deserve them.