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This page's perfection
Earth is looking pretty contended before God gets angry?
@Guest: Thanks sweetie.
BTW, how old Sarah is now? I've followed this comic for years and lost track.
When I wasn't barfing I was crying
I've power read through and have to comment now how cute this page is yayy, but in the same time not cheesy. And I have no idea what you're unhappy about artwise, come on! It's very confusing when artists complain about their work and I'm just like "if I could draw like that"...

On another note, why is there Crystal (I recognize the mole)up in the banner, when she's not the main char?
Holy...! I have to imagine Michael Flatley bouncing around so I can get some sleep tonight!
Next week: Sarah takes off the sheet, revealing a human skull tucked inside the cage! With dandelions as eyes!

Still, I find Lucy sweet in this one. Hope Sarah does too.
Nooo what did I just say about the room 237 :'D
I can't wait for the next page.
Noo!I hope it's not a similar room like in the Shining...
She has a scalp of steel.
Amaltea's life is gonna suck now!
@MichaelHartman: I also wonder about that :D *Has No Fashion Sense*
Association is a neat thing. There we have a creature with humanoid face, but we instantly think of a cat. It could just as well be a... Davy Crocket's hat.
August 4th, 2015
Parody in this is so subtle I can hardly notice it.
Gender role gender switch?? *dizzy*
July 2nd, 2015
Their facial expressions and all somehow reminds me of Disney movies ^_^
I love how she has to point out the things a kid needs to stay alive!
Being called irony seems to trouble him more than amuse him.
Yikes. I'm a sick bastard but I gotta admit it's a bit satisfying to see it for once going like this. In a comic. Not irl. You know what I mean...!