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I'm a proud South Londoner and proud NHS worker. Massive fan of comics journalism, and want to make comics that spread awareness about social issues.
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Hey all,

Some changes! Stampede now has it's own site
I will no longer be updating on SJ. At the moment I'm uploading all the old pages so it's not quite up to date. But I have put a regular update schedule into place, fortnightly on Wednesdays.

I'm expanding Stampede into a world, that will cover different social issues. There are two other stories that I have planned to draw about with different Stampede characters involved. When I finish Jessica's story, I will begin "Stampede: Janet's story" which will be about domestic violence. The third story is still up in the air, have to see how far I get with Janet first.
Obviously all the stories are interlinked, Janet knows Jessica through fight club, so her story will be set in a time before she joined fight club.

The reasons why I'm moving off smackjeeves, is because the premium features are now too costly for me to use. And I'm not too fond of their basic version. Also I've been on this site for an extremely long time, and it doesn't motivate me to post as much as it used to. Stampede is not a normal comic, and I don't really feel it's story is welcome here. A-lot of the people I used to talk with sort of stopped communicating with me when I stopped updating Head over heart. I think this was due to Stampede not being their type of story or something they understand. It is very South London, and for that reason I'm proud of it. That is where I'm from afterall. :) I read plenty of comics about areas in Japan, America etc but there's barely any comics out there about where I'm from! Now I've made one! :)
I'm pretty sure my fanbase if it is still existing, is outside smackjeeves. So if I have a new main site, it doesn't really matter.

Well it's been great, being on SJ has really taught me alot, and I met some fantastic people on here. Even if I don't speak with them anymore. I won't delete this account until the main site is up to date!

Thanks for reading :)
Great updates! Always miss this comic, I will be sad when its over :'(
Pretty happy with the way this page has turned out! I'm getting into the flow of updating again, which is great. Hopefully I can keep it up!
Creepy!! O_o
Wow so cool!! :0
@Theorah: I know what you mean, I'm exactly the same!
I'm baaaack :) Song for this update "Branches," By Bones from TEAMSESH.
Hiya all! So I guess this is a page break/filler. I hate posting these, but I really wanted to wish you all a Happy and prosperous 2017!!
I couldn't post a comic page up before new years as I didn't have time, so this illustration of Jess is the only finished thing I have, atm

The good news is that I'm still working on Stampede (slowly) and I have not abandoned it. There will be updates in Jan or possibly Feb. Its just that I'm still trying to make a buffer of pages before I post. I hate posting pages one by one, big chunks are better.
Over the past 2 years I've moved house twice and have been working full time, plus have had a load of other personal problems. This is what has forced me to put my comic aside for a little while. Basically, my life was a mess and I needed sorting out lol. Let's see how 2017 is, hopefully it will be a much better year for all of us.

There's a lot going on politically around the world that is of major concern. That will give me more ideas for Stampede :9

Thanks for reading!! <3

Follow me on Instagram if you want to see comics in progress pictures and other art stuff :)
@Chirurotsu: Heya! Thanks so much :D I was thinking of you as well when I posted this. Was wondering how you were doing! Hope you're well!! :)
Thanks for still reading this story, I hate updating so badly but I'm glad you're still interested in it ^^
You may need to re-read the story...
It's been well over two years since I last updated, meaning this page is about 1 year old!
@Theorah: Thanks bex for always reading this story :)))
@samuel: Hi Samuel! Thanks for your comment, really appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'm still working on it. I was working on a buffer, buffer of pages before posting pages again. Have had some major setbacks though and was not able to draw much of anything. But I have definitely not stopped!! Thanks I really appreciate your comment. Its motivating. I will post sometime cant say when but it wont be next year or anything silly like that lol :)
I missed this comic so much! I logged into SJ just to read it (I havent logged in since march!!)Cant believe its been 5 years already time flies ><
I'd agree definitely alot more relevant now than ever.
My updates have been very slow lately, I'm sorry about that.
More guns.
Well I'm not sure about Ryam but I'd be running for the hills by now.
Ryam is the pretty boy of the streets.
Oh isn't Kareem such a nice guy, Ryam should feel so lucky.
@Theorah: Thanks! All is well! Just wish Id update more often! XD
What a boring guy! I hope she will realize she can do better than that thing!
They keep dogs on the front line as well? I didnt even know that :((