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XD Poor guy, being lifted into the air by a bluish creature that thinks humans are nothingness. XD
He manages to avoid even the most obvious! That takes skill! XD
Pfft. Cancer cures, who needs 'em. Finding out pointless information is way more important. :D
@Pocket Post1: Haha, I think it was worth adding!

@Pocket Post2: Holy asteriskasteriskasteriskasterisk!

And "oh, profanity" is the best idea ever.
Ah, the crazy old lady in the bank. Never gets old.
Those Americans, eh?

(I'm Canadian, so 'eh' is a staple of our vocabulary. :D)
Drug-induced storytelling? What do you mean?
I was just giving an example. :P
The worst that happens over here is a sandstorm!

Falling chestnuts... Could that kill a person?
When Pens Attack.
And if a volcano erupts in my city, we'll throw a barbecue party. :D
These new comics are very interesting! I like 'em!