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@justw894: yep that's right. I try to put black borders around all flashback or dream sequences
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So the next chapter won't really be updating for a while as I focus on Get Up and Go but here is the cover page so you at least know what to expect. I did promise I'd do a story about a character with long hair.

Also, In case you missed it, I started another character/pairing poll. This time it is just for Ugly Boy's Love. Go vote as much as you want!!

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Character polls!

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This is the first character poll for Ugly Boy's Love by itself. Before it was mixed with all of my comics but now there's enough characters to choose from so it should be fun!

Anyway, the next story is being written but I'm taking a small break from this comic in order to focus on Get Up & Go.

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@Auldr: I love what you said here. (and to think it's about my own characters) I'm really happy to read that because it means that I was able to convey much of what I wanted to up to this point. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate. Also I hope you are doing well with everything! (and that those stories you were working on are coming along well)
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The rest of chapter 9 can be found at Get Up and Go SKETCH. Color pages will eventually be updated here.
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No don't get him the coke! Let him kiss you~!