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The words are from this song
But I do admit Windows Paint on Windows 7 is kind of confusing.
This was used with windows 7. I don't own windows 7 this was just used on a friends computer.
Here's the link
I never said all Americans are nerds! I just decided to draw him that way.
To be clear I don't hate America or people that live there. I just hate it when they're so over-patriotic that they insult other countries! I don't mind if people make fun of my country as light teasing, but if its just to be annoying then I don't like it!
Don't get the reference?
effortless comics

WARNING:the comics are bad so if you like comics with effort put into them this isn't your best choice
congrats i read every page and its good
how do you vote
i like your comic so far i laugh whenever someone on the comic says oh shi-