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im a down to earth girl who is serious about what she wants and likes to express herself through manga
you guys probably hate me. So much has come up recently its been terribly difficult. I will have pages ready to post by tommorow
ok. I AM
SOOO SORRY! I have had mid terms and ive been super busy the past two weeks. Just letting you know i AM NOT abondoning my comic. I will begin posting regularly by monday. I am sooo sorry *bows* hope u all continue reading
is soooooo adorable
this is a beautiful page. love it. AK is sexy as hell and bo is cute in that innocent emo sheep kind of way
omg i love
the princes face in the fifth whathefuck. haha yes that is all one word.
September 22nd, 2008
i have to say that all the work in the prior comic and this one are exquisite...the prior comic was so full of angst and twisted love hate and domination. it like embodied the part in all of us that just wants to fuck ourselves over. the part that causes us to drink till we kill our livers..the part that causes us to do drugs till we od. the part that causes us to drive faster than we should when noone is looking...suffice to say...i like
can someone help me by telling me how i can get my own background on my pages instead of these blue ones? i have a background html code and everything i just dont know how to do it.
just letting everyone know
i just got the program manga studio 3.0 and i have not quite mastered it either until i master it with the mouse or obtain a graphics tablet, the toning and fill is going to be very minimal. sorry about this.
i feel i must explain why the car is driving in the middle of the road. Its because the drivers are drunk. wonder who the drivers are? Youll have to read more and find out. hehe. sorry about deleting pastpages but i just was not happy with how the comic was progressing and the quality of my work was dismal. But as of now the story is about to change...and take on a more serious note...comments please and let me know what you think of this.
am debating redrawing the comic. i did really shitty on the first few i apologize
impressive...perhaps you could look at my comic and give me some feedback
September 18th, 2008
have to admit...for a sim jace is pretty damn fine
September 18th, 2008
ur art is hella better than any pokemon comic ive ever seen
PUT UP MOOOREEEEE PLEASSSEEEE!!!!!!! *falls on knees and begs...*
they are soooo cute together....i love hugging my girl like that...but GAWD your artwork is awesome...mind taking a look at mine and maybe leaving me a comment with some feedback?
September 15th, 2008
*fanning self so as to stop the blush* Teach me your ways!!!!
your artwork once in the mmorpg reminds me of the beautiful artwork done by the kingdom hearts artists. very well done and i love your rough style. i was hoping you could click on my name and maybe take a look at some of my work? maybe leave some feedback?
im in love with your comic!!! *drools* how do you draw this well???!!! take a look at my comic pwease and give me some tips!!!