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Hi! And welcome to my little nitch in the world that is Smack Jeeves comics.

My website:
(still under construction)
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September 9th, 2013
I love how colourful your work always is!
finally got time to catch up! <3 I adore it so far!! I can't wait to read more!!
booty booty booooty~ heehe
am I the only one sadistic enough to hope for a completely horrible ending at this point? (for the refreshing twist on how most stories end with a least a bit of gold.)
I feel silly for wondering why he doesn't use "you're" but he uses "you've" XD

also... ah man, this is both a bit heart wrenching and a bit "you deserve it dude."
:( I know those heartbreaking feels when someone you care about pretty much calls you disgusting...without know it.
-nitpick- If the bullet went all the way through, which it obviously did due to the blood bursting out of his back, How is the window untouched? With what I've seen even bullet proof glass will his some spider webbing at the point of impact.

Nitpick over with...... -sadfaces-
:( he looses his tail spikeys?
But Nana, he already /waaaas/ a beautiful butterfly!
ah maaan, is there any way to one day be able to get them all? -whimpers- I love your stories all of them and I'd like to one day own the whole lot ><
I so know how Dake feels =_= being fussed over when you don't want to be fussed over. But still, so cute when I'm not on the receiving end!
-late comment to page is late-

I just.. had to say to other readers saying ectopic pregnancies are gross..... they're more of EXTREMELY PAINFUL and terrifying...

Also, I adore your comic <3 I'm rereading it since I've gotten a bit lost on what what happening and I"m very happy that I choose to reread instead of going "eeeh."
-hugs- growing up is hard to do...

@NT-4000(and others with the same question): It's a catalyst effect or.. something like that. Me and Aaid have spoken a lot about both ItI and my own comic and how it's very hard to continue. Others finally deciding that they just can't continue, but can't just drop off and not tell you guys and leave you waiting months and months and months until you forget(hopefuly) about our old works. But having one person stand up and say "hey guys.. um... yeah I'm dropping outta this" gives others the courage to finally admit to their fans that they're just not into the comic that the fans are invested in.
C: I've actually gotten off my lazy butt and /planned/ the pages out! So it'll be easier to draw starting tomorrow!
yeees.. there's only two pages... but aaid drew this for me! So I thought I'd plce it up while I'm working on the next page!!

THANK YOU MY 900 READERS! You're the only reason I'm still having a go at this comic thing! <333

To answer questions:

@DCEsRedStar, the old pages are available from me if you really would like them. I have them packaged up in a Zip drive.

@Sychaar, ha! Naaah Jesse's fiesty! Gets him in a lot of trouble actually >.<

To the rest of the comments!
I've decided to hold Colouring auditions! Since so many of you expressed interest in helping me out! All you've got to do is Colour the poor colourless page two and submit it!

submissions will be open until March 30th, at which point you'll be contacted and asked if you're still interested! XD If you are, you'll be added to the Authors list and given full coloury credit!

Any colour style is welcome from full colour to toning.

There's no compensation for you time other than being part of the project and being able to have artistic license on a few of the character <3
March 9th, 2011
Daw <3 So cute.
March 6th, 2011
okay, so yeah... I promised full colour.. but then I never get the page done! -literally has been sitting on the linearts for weeks- So, in loo of colour, I figured I'd just give you pages? Fair trade?

I mean, if there's anyone out there who would like to volunteer they're awesome colouring... but -sighs- Alas it seems drawing /and/ colouring is to much for me to get done plus do other things for school, and personal enjoyment... -is understanding how comics become team projects-

Anywho! replies!!!

um.. not many to reply to yet!
Other than:

Keita: heeeey, Charles isn't a pedo! He just goes after jail bait in kitty form! <3

okay! That over! Thank ya'll for reading! Sorry I fail at making things colourful for you! I can do it! You saw! It just my drive dies quickly come hour 4 of a project >.>
January 16th, 2011
tadaaaa! Page one~

Luv ya'll!