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I am a punching-bag! feel free to abuse my stupidity! :D


...If the cake is a lie, is pie endless?(cheap math joke)
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Hawt dayum o___o
Been e-dead for.../quite/ some time. Sooo, yeah. Random update splurge coming up.
Before anyone says anything, yes, they're on the edge of space. Even if it was shown in the sky, it was still heading upwards, and had upwards momentum, so it still managed to reach the edge of the atmosphere. So meh.
Please forgive the terrible animation, this was my first attempt at animating a sprite and a background at the same time... -__-'
Hiatus over
So, yeah...My entire hard drive crashed a few weeks ago. Lost pretty much all my pictures, so I had to go searching for sprites all over again.

But! Now that I've found most of the ones I was using for this, updates will resume as normally.
@.:Girlade:.: I noticed that earlier, gonna fix it right now.
Back to Spriting
Been e-dead on SJ for months now, and I figure, eh, what the heck, might as well do some spriting for old times' sake.

So, yeah. I'm back for the summer at least.
Oh my god, an update?!
What is this...this BLASPHEMY?! An update? Not even a filler?! Oh, cruel fate, why? WHY?! WHYYYYY?!?!?!!!?!

Seriously though, I think I've been e-dead on here long enough. -_-'

Got an anti-virus thing last year, and it blocked SJ on my laptop because of the ads. Finally it expired, so now, here I am back here. And--oh sh!t the house is on fire o_o

Luckily it's only on that flower bed, and in one of the second story rooms...yay?
@ Gata: I love you for you, Gata c: *hugs you*
Remember Gata's old spin-oof type thing, where Whip is looking for Yama, and somehow talks the others into helping him?

Yeah, neither do I :D *shot'd*
My vote is for Gata :3
Hey, you did the same exact thing on Author Nonsense, Gata. You are the leaderly type :3
Still voting for Gata :P

Nice try though, Yama >_>
Yep, I'm jumping on the bandwagon :3

I vote for Gata, Yama, and Whip.

Gata because he's sort of like the, y'know, ACTUALLY ACTIVE AND RESPONSIBLE ONE ON HERE |:3

Whip because...well, originally, I said Breaker, but he's not on much is he?

And Yama, because every political official needs an annoying side-kick ^_^

...That's right Yama, I went there |:3
I have to say Gata, you inspired me as well :P Maybe it's just because you were one of the first real friends I had on SJ, maybe it's because I liked your style of sprites, who knows? Either way, that 3 people so far you've inspired :3
Like Blitz said, it's pretty good. Hope you can make a full sheet of this, that would be cool :)
Really? Sweet! Can you help me with the characters section, please?
Can you please stop forgetting and try to get the characters section up? Please? <:3

Seriously, though, I don't know how to post HTML, and I'm not sure if Kit or Scythe do either.
Suuuure it aint, Scythe >:3

Been busy with school, getting grounded, aaaannnd...I hate to say, I recently got Left 4 Dead...<:3

Serriously, it and Lucky's like a drug to me!
*puts away shotgun*

Gata, if you mean that you'll do something for this, can you please put up the character bios like you said you would? >:3