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I am a writer. I do a lot of yaoi but really write anything. Anyone who wants a writer I am always happy to have a new project!
I love the little hear hiding in the scribble bubble in the last panel
Shinji x Lucas!
Shinji x Lucas!
Save your love Scuttle! He can't fly like you!
I love his mom so much! I want to be a crazy cool mom like her some day.
His expressions are so cute! I <3 tony
OMG chibi Shiratori is so cute!
David is a little dense isn't he? With the way Michael treats him you would think he could put 2 and 2 together.
I personally like your old style better. It seemed more original to me, this is just like any old manga.
OMG that last panel! <3
The teacher looks like a zombie
Crafty crafty. I love the 'Scream' panel
Thank him? Didn't he blackmail him?
I was just looking trough my favs 5 minutes ago and my friend told me to delete this cause it hasn't been updated so long. Lol. I love this comic Trish is so cute and I just love Jade's personality.
I love how he just walks away, though I guess there isn't much he can do.