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Victory Fire: the comic in which you root for everyone but Victini.
I can do it. I'll tell you when/if I get a reply!
Hmmm, shall we note her?
Now all we need is Flame...unless we want to have a lovely conversation down here with just the two of us.
I guess now we're even x3
See kids, this is why you should check your Smackjeeves account regularly. Hi Bolt!
I'm not sure...

I'll have to ask if Bolt or Flame are still interested in continuing this because my style of story telling is a lot different now andI'm having trouble getting into this...
Thanks. Expressions have never been my forte, but I'm hoping this comic would help with that.
Hehe, you won't find out for a little bit.
Yeah, I'm anticipating "Omen of the Stars". It sounds like it's going to be good.
I hate my scanner
Sorry if you can't read my handwriting
The butterfly, along with just about everything else in the first few pages, was completely random. I know what it means now, of course.
Sorry if the story skips around a lot. I'm kind of letting it go where it wants.
I'm doing this comic for March Madness
Let's forget the boring explanations and just get straight to the comics OK?

I'll just add little facts you may or may not care about with each page.

The fact for this one-
If you haven't read the Warriors books, don't worry. We won't get into that much that but you might need to know the naming system. The names are composed of two parts (Firestar, Greystripe, ect).

"Kit" at the end (Foxkit)- 0-6 moons (months)
"Paw" at the end (Foxpaw)- 6-about 12 moons (in training to become warrior)
Virtually anything (Foxfur)- official warrior

"Star" is supposed to represent the leader, but I'm not going to be using it in this comic (I think)
Apparently he always knew it.
(Because if he didn't then I would have to make him MOVE more. You wouldn't want me to go through that D:)
This looked better as a sketch......Oh well.

At least we're getting some humor back in :D (if watching cyndaquil getting beat around isn't amusing enough for you)
Another will be uploaded tomorrow as well