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Ah, Some little Character traits to Identify the characters.

Lorin likes Western Comics and Harlakin likes Anime.
I decided to post the last orginal 23 comics, that still need to be remade.

From time to time, i'll work on the old ones, as well as continue with updating new issues.

I really just want to move along
with the story, since remaking the older issues, is taking longer that I intended = <
I'm so innocent, I thought she was just wearing a bacon mustache and spining around when I seen the preview.
Nack sprites by Silverbolt

Eggman sprites by Bendilin
I've been currently going through some major mental issues lately and feel I can no longer update here anymore.
I cant wait tell it hits theaters :P
December 7th, 2008
Ah, love how Syrus is still being used, even though I left ages ago.
Lorin probly didnt want to be Pink.
Maybe your trying to hard.

Maybe try something sweet and simple and work with that.
I'll apologize if it sounded rude, thats just the idea I got after reading.

Why not think of the most lovely'est, heartwarming event you two shared and go from there.
Lorin and Xanti become Ice Climbers too :p
So you've decided to give us permission to make a gift to someone, just to give you a ruff idea of what you should give em.

Sorry, I dont normaly make gifts for people I dont know.
Shadow's seems too dark,
GYOSHI's seem so paper'ish.
The childhood prolog idea turned out to be more of a hassled pain, so I scrapped the idea.

Moving on with the lose, remaking 1-38 is now my main focus.
Seeing as i'm not really familiar with Saria's personality.

I'm not sure if the bacon is some sort of mental issues, or shes just totally obsessed with a breakfast side order.

But that doesn't stop me from doodling with Paint, now does it.
Its not a fad, its a conspires, I tells you!
Freaky? This seems like usual STU humor.