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I'm 25yo, a redhead, pansexual guy and I'm made of awesome.
I cosplay, surf the 'net like a pro and I'm a photographer~
I like people :D Come say hi!
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    Julian Foxx
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Oh my god, this is beautiful lmao
This is the most confusing yet brilliant comic I have ever read.
October 2nd, 2015
New reader here!
Ohhhh ymy godddd this is so good
I can't wait to find out what happens next! I mean, I have to wait cause I hafta wait for an update but I'm excited I mean
Oh god ignore me haha
Why are you such a babe?
*swoons* <3
That granny on the tv xD
November 15th, 2013
Aww Yisss
Welcome to the club bro. *high fives*
I'm happy for you : )
On a different note, we are in desperate need of an update D: <3 Don't leave us hangin like this.
So help me, I will go Master Matt all over your ass. ;P
I'd have eaten both too. * ^ *
Oh, and you'd better click yes, Ellis.
I know that 'Ngh'. That's the "I'm about to do/say something I'm pretty sure I'm gonna regret immediately" 'Ngh'.
And Alan's so adorable xD I would totally bake cupcakes with him.
I've been reading your comic for a long time, and I have to say, I'm in love~
I've actually made a habit of checking back every few days to see if there's been an update : ) I've also even got a Kaito cosplay ^ ^ (I'll send you pics tomorrow, as it's 5 am here xD; )With such amazing writing and adorable art, it's hard to peel myself away~
Keep being your awesome self ;P
Is it weird that I'm hungry now?
Like.... really hungry?
And I just realized I have 4 packages of bacon. I can feel my arteries clogging as I type.
I had this stupid "Eeee heee heee heee" moment there.
I blame you and your adorable dragon-sans-teeth.
Her pigtails are adorable xDD
But I miss her shorts D: We were shorts buddies, but ALAS! NO LONGER! Q - Q
Woah, I knew you were a girl but I didn't know you'd be so cute < 3
don't make me raep you. <3
and cause he wants in Griff's pants. xDD
even if he's not willing to admit it to himself yet o3o
April 11th, 2011
I waannnt oonnnnneee! D8 ~ <3
Ah~ I'm going to AN too ^^ awesome!
Dear Rover~
You're so awesome! ^^ Have my babies? <3
If you won't have my babies, can I play with your hair instead?
And if you will, can I play with your hair anyway? 8D
~Love, Me
i'll love you and feed you and let you sleep on the bed and give you treats and love and treats! even if i'm allergic! i'll just take medicine for it for forever!