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Sal is short for Sally in case you were wondering***

lol. okay so I like alot of things~ uhm Im not sure where to start so Ill keep it simple:
That sums it up pretty well ^^
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Gotta love that shojo convenience x3<33
I love your toning and ink work =3 mario is cute lol
July 5th, 2010
I've watched that show too! xD Though not as intensly as shichi
I lol's with him :D I love how they just walk away cause they CAN'T do a thing xDD
July 4th, 2010
Alin's mad face is adorable. *u* Interesting Mr.ponpon can't harm people.
I lisented to that song at least 50 times a day, lol its just so good.<33

Oh and Riona looks beautiful too! Can't wait for the chapter to start. ;D
lol I think he looks extremely sexey<333 *;;*

Oh I hate exams >.< Glad its summer vacation for me.
June 29th, 2010
kyuuuute ;c; I love your hands on this page miro<3 I hope Alin's gonna be okay D: (he looks like he's in pain)
June 19th, 2010
Aw chibi Eden looks adorable ^^
and lol@ roe freaking out (but its cute XD) I love the new banner too *A*
June 4th, 2010
Chakin would make a great BF for shichi I think. x3 Jun for Riona =D
cute cover, love the colors ^^ *starts to read*
June 3rd, 2010
Wow Roe looks cute and Eden awww I hope shes okay. 0^0 I really like your skies btw really pretty.^^~<3
adorable cover! Looks really interesting and I like your style^^ +fave
Haha I must agree that something must not be right inside that house if he is all happy about the outside. xD
May 20th, 2010
lmao! I love Mr.PonPon XD<33

Aww you drew the building nicely though. c:
Ooh I love the colors here *w*

Looks adorable, can't wait for it to start guys. xD
May 18th, 2010
MMM- wonder what Alin tastes leik |3

Congrats on 200+ Miro! =)
I love your crosshatching *0*
May 12th, 2010
Oh my....was I off XD

OMG I want to hug itttt ;D
May 10th, 2010
lol I hope hes not talking to stalker girl (watches her pop out and nab him) awww cutest face ever Aliiin x3

edit: looked it up, does it come from the word lepidoptera? (googled it and this came up first xD)