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Nice, I do like these complete smaller sagas. It's always nice to have a lasting story to keep up enthralled but I enjoyed your manga and am quite impressed with your accomplishments as well :> Best of luck with future endeavors =D
Still lovin' the comic, oh and by the way, I support your decision to not show the entire yaoi loving scene. You should keep an incentive for people to buy your manga, it's great! And besides we still got to see them both naked. So for those of us without an imagination, too bad! Buy the Manga!!!
Well, for me it's a toss up between either Thanatos or Poseidon. I would love MYth: A Promise as well, but my top two are as previously stated.
Bravo bravo!

I must say, you continue to impress me, and I am exceptionally thrilled you're able to sell your manga to people! That's really cool, and by the by... I really dig this layout. Kudos, also, when I have some more cash I may very well have to buy this!
You know, I'm a writer too, and there have been times when I've thought of a very touching and sad part of my story and because of it I can't get back to sleep (because for whatever reason I always think of these sad parts when I'm either going to bed or just woke up).
I also happen to be an artist and had the same reaction to one of my pieces that appear emotional. Rather cool to know someone else has experienced that as well :D


I'm still so sad for Elli, You portrayed her so well, you really made it possible for us to feel for her because she had an interesting and enjoyable disposition. I honestly am choked up about her death.

Now that's when you know you're good at what you do, when a reader reacts with actual physical emotions. There's a knot in my throat right now thinking about it heh

No seriously; you don't always comment often so it's rather nice to see a comment to the readers. I was beginning to fear you might not like us hehe but I am happy that you're enjoying creating this beautiful and well thought out comic you've really impressed me with the story line thus far and the art has always been awesome.

So thank you for making something we can enjoy so much. :D
There's quite a complex story developing here that's truly something! this comic isn't just well drawn it's well thought out also :>
There's quite a complex story developing here that's truly something! this comic isn't just well drawn it's well thought out also :>
Sweet, I love your art. Hey I notice you don't usually comment but I hope you know how much we all enjoy and appreciate your art :>
I love his expression on the last panel... It's awesome.. such over zealous :>

Your art ftw~!
I will keep your comic in mind when I'm not so broke myself, I would love to own a set of your books...
I vote a mix of both!
AHH I like the lil wolf the best... but a Cinderella story might have a better longer story line

Maybe you should mix the two and make your own!
Sweet ^^

I don't know about everyone else but I am glad you're still updating :D
Heheheheh Poor lil crab is gonna be lunch if he's not careful.

Your comic is awesome, I'm enjoying the story quite a bit :D
Shveet! This comic is coming along ^_^

Your art is very enjoyable by the way =D
I think you need to skip ahead to the other kids or something. I really love your style and I loved how the beginning popped from scene to scene. Right now is getting too drawn out.... =/
On a side note... did you ever get the mouse out of your room? And your comic is hilarious
A few grammatical errors but this comic is still looking promising =3
Or maybe...
... it's not unrequited and Elise is going to have some competition XD

Edit: Or she knows he's gay and is trying to hook him up Wahahahahaha xDDD
Dakknay Sade
November 20th, 2008
"Where you have to think.."
Well, the only problem with Sharks getting tattoos and piercings is that any tat takes about 4 - 6 weeks to heal enough for said tattooed person to get into water without the tattoo becoming ruined / infected. That goes for piercings as well, too much sea water and it'll kill off too much bacteria and the piercing won't heal - I have both tatts and lip piercings so yeah...

Sorry to be a smart ass, just wanted to point that out =P

Your comics are still teh win