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I'm just your average George who enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and watching complete seasons on DVD. I'm also the creator of a webcomic called "Addanac City". You can check me out at
I joined this site because I see a lot of quality comics on here and I'm new to the webcomic culture. I hope to be able to kick it with a few of my peers on here.
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    George Ford
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Love the fluidity of your action sequence. And the coloring is superb!
That's powerful! Good work.
Very powerful page, man! I feel the excitement from here.
This is a great design. Very powerful!
I really like the way you have the color working in accordance with your customary command of darks. Nice work, man!
I really like the artwork in this series. This is my first trip here, but i see so much personality in the expressions of these characters. They seem quite realistic.
That's a lotta eye-poppin' action! Nice!
He seems well-prepared.

Love the art, man!
I love your cool design style and your use of making black and white seem colorful.
Man, I've got a creepy feeling about all this. Gulp!
Great way to play that off. :)
Hahaha! He is insane. I love it!
Love the style and colors. The story seems accessible and easy to get into also. Keep up up the good work.
The pose in the first panel cracks me up. He seems so confident and relaxed about Nekkid Friday. :)
I like the way your Grim Reaper thinks. :)
Hey, thanks for the review, man! I appreciate all honest opinions which help me to hone my craft and give the people what they want.
I'm pleasantly astounded by the art. The story seems interesting thus far, also.
I laughed out loud at this one. Plus, I'm kinda diggin' the art.
I like this cover, and the art looks interesting.
This is powerful stuff! I haven't read a "no-dialogue" tale this good since the infamous G.I. Joe #21 Snake-Eyes story. :)