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Your Halloween sounds amazing
Enjoy it, you sassy artist you!

(I'm sorry, we really don't know each other well enough for that comment not to be kinda awkward, but at the same time I regret nothing.)
It's really sweet that they're getting to know each other.
I realize you've probably gotten this comment half a dozen times by now, but Tommy is adorable with his glasses on!
I actually love this chapter BECAUSE it's the grown-ups. And Gra'an is amazing, by the way.
I'm here
For the plot. The plot had me at airdan p'sketti.
The art style is good. I like it.
Do not want, please and thanks. Consensual sex for the win?
Still no luck finding an artist?
I call dude
on 'Queen' Hartly.
I love that your Zeus has a Soul Patch. XD
Scuttle fanservice Meme, Oh yes.
Baby Ursule engages the level nine Hyper Cute Drive
NOT Twincest? 8D More specifically in the form of Tommy/Dake shower scene?
Thiiiiiiis iiiiiis yooooour BIRTHday sooong, it isn't very long.
You... you...
What are you going to do next, Rick Roll is in-comic? >>;
Your Discworld reference is made of awesomeness and win.
The last panel
That tree in panel two is absolutely gorgeous, as is this entire page.
I vote for
Little Red Riding Hood.