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umm... I like to draw and write and stuff. >.> I don't really have much to say right now but that's alright. I might have something more interesting to put here at a later time.
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I think she actually looks ~pretty fantastic~ like this. XD the last dress wasn't very... flattering, but I'm digging this look.
:< Shading is a real issue for me, too. I've never really gotten it. I wish I could give you a little advice, but yours is already better than mine by far. XD; I think you're being a little too hard on yourself. A good artist's worst critic is themselves.
xD haha! This looks fun. I might give it a try.
D: he did it for good reason. Or, at least I think he did. He was just worried about Mathan. *flail*
:3 It always makes me so happy to see when you update. oAo I hope to see more soon!
I vote for little red riding hood. XD It looks so cute.
Despite you not knowing what the music sounds like... it's rather nice sounding. *can read it* XD

>:3 Yush, Ariel, listen to that pretteh harp music!
X3 I knew that Emery was the gay one!
O3O out of the six brothers... I wuvs Eliot and Evan. I love long hair. >.>;

I'm thinking Emery dabbles in the gay-ness. XD But I'm not sure.
xD "Oh, gays. As easy to distract as school girls." It's the sad truth...

I love his expression in the third pannel. X3 and he does put up a very valid point.