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I guess most have figured out that I have not been posting here lately but that does not mean I haven't been drawing. In fact, I have moved over to my very own site,

The decision was pretty simple; I wanted to create one space to display all of my comics and artwork. The easiest way to do this was build my own site worked around that objective.

Anyhoo, come along and join me at my new home!
Works of Fiction
I have this strange hope that in 2,000 years time, when I am long gone that some people dig up this site and think it was actually written by a person who hung out and chatted with Death.

I'm still working on a couple rules for everyone to follow but we'll see. I think that "Don't be an asshole and do shitty things" is a good start... Y'know, kind of a modernization of the Golden rule.
Apart from the posting engine publishing 4 times and not allowing me to delete any without deleting them all?

Let's play it this way, metaphysical-Ispy.

I think the guy was stuntman who earned his publicity through the reputation of poorly planned and executed stunts. On this particular day, he decided to try and jump a brush fire... never taking into account the wind. Hence, the fire spread beyond his calculations and thus, ended up speaking with the skull-guy.

My second idea is the guy was just a dick.

Any one else care to contribute a story?
Experiments in Digtal Art
So this is my first attempt at doing a completely digital version of "Oh Death." While there really isn't any spectacular change, I am very pleased with the brighter and more polished finish (sort of) of the work. I can see where I need to make a better choice of shading and whatnot but, hey, you gotta start somewhere.

I like the results and working w/ the pen tab enough that I am definitely going to try and post in this format from now on, but if the deadline approaches and the digital rendition is not ready, I think I would prefer to post than not at all.

By all means, comments and suggestions are always welcome
Can Death Smell?
I don't honestly know but, if he could, I guess the bigger question is what could possibly be so bad that a deity, who works among the dead, could possibly find repulsive.
Author's Note
"In the end, Death comes for all"

So, it has been awhile since my last post and I am blaming my POS all-in-printer for such issues. By all means, if you see a good deal on a wireless Lexmark printer that claims to print, fax and scan... don't believe it. I've had to reload the driver about five times and, even then, it still isn't working 100% of the time.

So, I blame Lexmark for my lack of posts... I blame myself for the lack of quality though ;)
I guess the point is that the only thing we know for sure and have any sort of control over is ourselves at these moments. It is the only time we can guarantee any sort of freewill.

People waste too much time worrying about the other half and not enough in the life they are in.

I dedicate this one to Southern Baptists.
The Suffering Artist
I often think that the deity, Death, is feared for all the wrong reasons. In theory, he is not the one doing the killing, nor is he the person that sentences you to heaven or hell; he is simply the taxi driver of the afterlife