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Zetsubou sensei is a love!!

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- Sigh - I don't really want to create anymore drama in this comic, since there's been one in the past page. Although, since this is your third manga, I thought I had to speak up. I Thought I give this comic a try, but I've been noticing that your girl characters all have similar personality, after looking at your past smackjeeves mangas. It's seriously getting repetitive =_=; Please give them some change for goodness sake. Stop making everyone all soft and fluffy, add some jacka-- characters. Atleast the guys have some sorta different personality so I'll give you points for that.

Also, your artyle is improving; though I liked the old style much better, but that's just my taste. Also, nice toning as usual. Please keep up the great work but a bit of the improvement in characters. It's just an advice from noticing the pattern, and you don't necessery have to listen to me.