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If anyone sees this update besides myself and Marie, I will be very much surprised and impressed. For anyone that does check it, though, thank you very much - hope you enjoy :)

It is sloppy and badly compressed, but hey, it's actually HERE. Baby steps.
Oh, I need a watch like that. And a wallet and some keys and anything else that warns when it's about to get stolen/lost ^^; Cute idea. I really like that first panel and the speech bubbles for the watch.
Nice paneling on this page :) Expressions could still use some emphasis, but it's getting there. Nice job. (also, "scweech" is a great sound effect).
Bang bang
In the original version of the story, Karen was a trigger-happy hitman for the Peruvian Mafia. She still has that white coat.

The post is late and fillery because I was in Florida for family stuff this weekend. Comic should be back on track next week. Thanks for understanding!
the SFX are taking over...
My feelings about this page went very quickly from, "Wow, this is turning out great!" to "I hate you I hate you, burn plz." And now I just don't care :(

We posted a topic for Watcher's War in the Self-Promotion Forums asking for crits, so please head over there and kick us around a bit :)
To: Django
Thank you! Planning out the panels is the hardest part for me. I'm glad you like it :)
To: gaiadarkstar
Thank you! Karen actually is supposed to be kind of "fluffy." Most of the characters I've drawn before have all had the same body type, and so I wanted to experiment with different kinds - you're right, there are some definite inconsistencies between her torso and everything under it. Hopefully those things will improve the more I draw her.

Thanks again!
To: gaiadarkstar
Thank you for the critiques :) I tend to draw hands a little large, so I will keep an eye on that. And you're right - Karen looks awful in that last panel. I'll try to scan in a different panel later ^^; Thank you!
Not really Jack the Ripper.
Ugggg, I've been writing resumes alll day :( I'm so scared of the real world.

This page changed so much from the scripted version. In the original, we just had Karen & Co. making commentary on what was outside, but never actually showing what was out there. I think showing it helps move the comic forward a little faster.

Also, I'm trying to make the pages lighter because I felt like the past ones were reeeally dark. But now it's too light ^^; I'll find a happy medium sooner or later.

Otherwise, I'm really really happy with it :) Thank you, Marie, for fixing the dialogue!!

Thanks for reading!

PS: Comments/CC are love :D
Interesting legend, and nice art :) I'm intrigued...
March 14th, 2009
Well, even if you don't color the rest of the pages, the cover is still lovely. I like how the whole thing kind of glows, and the little bit of screen textures :D
Another great page :D The fire is great, and I really like the pose/expression of the girl in that first middle panel (I thought it was Takato at first, too ^^;).
I really love this page. Not only is the cat well drawn, but the colors and pacing are very effective. It's like watching the beginning of an animation. Great job!!
Love the fire effects <3 The cat/panther also looks great; I like the swirly fires around his feet and tail.
LOVE. For adapting the essay and for the art, which I think is very effective. Can't wait to see where you take this. :D
Lovely cover! I like the layout and color choice.
Nice backgrounds and shadings :)
March 14th, 2009
I like where this is going :) I'm not much a history buff, so I can't help with period accuracy.

The only thing I'm noticing is the eyes; sometimes you place the eyes and the highlights in a way that makes the characters look a little cross-eyed.

Otherwise, I think the art is lovely :) Great job.
March 14th, 2009
Her friend is hysterical. I guess she hadn't thought about that part, huh? Poor thing XD
He's awfully cute for a potential psychopath <3 I really like the dialogue. +fav!