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ItachiThe Hedgehog
Interest: Drawing, Spriting, Video Games, My Little Pony,
Pokemon, Sonic.
Hobby: Playing video games, Drawing, Spriting, Annoying people.
If ya want, add me on PSN.
I'm JWingedAngel.
I do take some request, such as for drawing, spriting, etc. I'm too tired to type the rest of this so..
I also do drawings and requests in my deviantart. c:
  • Real Name
    Juan. You pronounce it Wan in english.
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What a time to be alive.
By the by, nice drawing.
Ohmigosh thank you. c:
So, I got no internet at home so I'm using the internet at my job.
Anyways, I've been playing the Bravely Default Demo.
I've spent 12 hours on it.
I love this gaaaame.
So, here's a thing.
Edit: Since no internet at home, I can't scan it and post it.
So, I finally have a scanner.
Now, I don't have to take crappy pictures of my art through my iPod.
Here's a doodle.
It just so happens that I was playing Sonic the Fighters.
I wish Bean was in more games.
I remember back in middle school
when I thought Bean was in Sonic Riders.
Biggest disappointment.
Isn't it offensive to have someone call something of yours 'emo' when the picture has absolutely nothing to do with it?
It annoys me that my characters, and myself, are called emo just because of long hair and having it go over one's field of vision.
And I'm sorry if I offended you for what I said. It was rude, but in my opinion(which I forget that opinions are not allowed in the internet) all the emo's I've seen and talked to, fish for compliments.
Damn skinny kids, calling themselves emo whom have no problems, take pictures of themselves and say 'aw shiet I'm ugly. Don't look.' when they look like models, complain about how their parents didn't get the correct eye liner, etc.
My mistake for forgetting that real emo's exist. I used to be one myself.
Not relevant but yeah.
I was blinded by fake emo's.
Geez, this is good. ; - ;
@broblade12: Oh god..I thought the emo's were dead by now.
Lol emo. Those still exist?
Just leaving this here.
I love the face.
So I drew it.
With my pony.
Thanks guys! ; A ;
I know that feel.
So, I can explain.
I couldn't pay for my internet.
About a few weeks of no internet..
I managed to pay for it.
So, here I am.
Yeah, I EV trained a Gardevoir with a
hindering nature. And when I Mega Evolve it (At level 50) it has about 220 Sp. Atk. xD
Edit: And thanks for the compliment. ; w ;
Still got a shade a bit but..
it's basically done. ; - ;
I know the quality looks terrible. :l
I'm still trying to get my scanner to work.
Plus, this is yet another W.I.P.
(I need to stop being lazy and finish my W.I.P.)
It's a W.I.P.
I..have alot of W.I.P.
I keep procrastinating.
Aw. I hope things go well with you.

And thank you. ; w ;
Sorry for not updating in a while.
Life struggies and stuff.'s a W.I.P.
I'll try to update often. :c