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I like my chemical Romance soo much, and Im emo. I like soccer and I draw manga pretty well but cant upload it to hee sadly T.T
well to find out more bout me just ask XD
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Gerard Sweating blood?
Wow in the second panel Gee looks like hes sweating blood(AWESOME!) It's like this one concert I saw on Youtube it looked like he was sweating black sweat....SO AWESOME!!!!!
Ello mate
OMG I WUV IT! XD (oh hey iny -waves-) yeah im the friend iny was talking bout and i LOVE IT WITH A PASSION! <33333
Some ideas
Hey I LOVE your comics I was cracking up about them in school andme and my best friend iny were talking bout it going "hehe...unicorns....mikey f-ing way...hehe..." and pple were like WTF?
anyways I have an idea for your comic casue i noticed most of them are sorta based on real life like the Umbrella song (LMAO XD)
Did you know Gerard was attacked by a bird before? you could use that in the comic...I LUB YOUR DRAWINGS!