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forget this
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You can't ban me from looking at the comic or anything though.
You can't really force me to not be here :/
Syeed remember back before the comic was deleted?
I mean yeah maybe I'd like this comic if Shadowfan stopped being an ass
oh ok lawl people who actually want to help you get better are bad people lol
you don't even respond to most of my questions you're like avoiding most of them
WHY do you not listen to the people who are trying to help you
i made that fanfic as parody
and i gave credit loooooooool

Anyway so if i make a sonic fanfic i'm jealous of sonic oh okay lawl
really cause that's not what he's telling everyone else but whatever

My point is that people flame ou because you don't take critisim well and call everyone names and shit. You don't improve as much as you could because you spend time yelling at everyone for the wildest and most idiotic of reasons.
but Syeed didn't hate you like they did before

ok but what did Syeed do

I, back BEFORE THE COMIC WAS DELETED I gave proper critisim, and pointed out the good points of your comic and the bad points SO YOU COULD FIX THEM.
I can't give proof since the comics along with the comics were deleted before but I was one of the few people then who actually tried to help.
Then I said "fuck it" because all you do is bitch about people and be an ass. Did you ever think that MAYBE I'd be nicer if you were nicer?
Shadowfan stop being an ass to everyone who knows your comic isn't perfect damnit WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU
And what did Rush ever do to you gawd
i thought you left Shadowfan y u come back
@Advertisement: nah missingno just makes you game look all messed up

So uh
how long before this starts some kind of flame war
@Advertisement: Missingno. actually just fucks up the Hall of Fame. It's not like it murders your game or something.

On the other hand, there are other glitches that do that.
But uh yeah I agree with everything else
I'm not seeing how making Birdie a girl fixes that problem.
Well, you don't actually have to respond.
You should do whatever you want to do.
the sprite in panels 1 & 3 is magnificent
i don't know if two comments is spam
three I guess