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Wait... What do I say here? Oh right...hobbies and stuff. XD

Okay, so, I love to draw. I'm trying to make a manga (which I found out is really hard x.x) And I love music, and my iPod is multilingual LOL. I try my hardest in everything I do, especially making storylines for my manga.

I am a high school student... so making manga is kinda hard for me ;~; ... I hate having no screen tones. I want Manga Studio oh so badly x.x...And yeah o.o
November 16th, 2008
OMG... my turn =o

It's looking good so far.. and I might take a bit, so please be patient (and this might be a good time for me to draw Ayaka's profile thingy >_<;; )

Wish me luck x.o