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Poe Nevermore
Hey im jamie!....well there isnt much to know about me.... i love manga/anime, yuri, yaoi, writting, drawing, any type of art, videogames, tacos ^w^....that is pretty much it....if u wanna know more just ask!
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eeee, she's so cute >w<
your like made of super awesome XDD my mind is officially blown XDD! totally epic
yay! your back :D glad to see your feeling better :D
seeing this comic update is like the hilight of my day hahah oh ronnie you just cant take a hint teehehe
omg awesome! i love your stories sooo much there so beautifully wonderful!! :3
XD i love how you did the eyes in the first panel XD brilliant!
amazing! i love your style and i love the Mohawk >:3 its like mine lol
hehehhe >//< that would be rather embarrassing ^w^
awwwwweeee ^w^ sooo cute :3
ya prolly more along the lines of stripper or waitress due to the fact he said tips.....jus guessing but i dont think whores make tips XD
i love how u did this cover @w@ its jus so awesome ^^
omg yay!!!!
omg moooooar i looove this comic XD its totaly amazing
dun dun dun... so ominous lolz
i looove yer comic....but y did his transplants shirt suddenly turn to pink floyd????
ooooooo its so pretty o//o
oooo i cant wait till more pages are up ^^ i look forward to this comic evvvvery day i love it sooo much!
omg soooo awsome! sooo cuuuuute >w<
omg cliff hanger o.o lol im so pumped for ur next update !!!
haha i love yui-chan >w< she looks so cute when shes all flustered! i can wait for the next udates lol i looove your comix!