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XD Anyone remember this hideous trap from Mystic Cave Zone. If you aren't careful you will fall into a spike pit and it is impossible to get out as Sonic. This is one of the worst mistakes in a classic Sonic game. Just make it a death pit and be done with it.

You can watch the panels get drawn here. They are also available in 3D if you have a 3DS.
about the comic
My friend came up with the idea for this comic. XD I think it turned out great. Drawn using Colors 3D. Watch it get drawn here.
about the comic
This is one odd comic I made. The first panel was drawn in Flash with vectors like usual. The two after that were drawn using Inch Worm Animation on my 3DS. Well except the backgrounds, those were flash too. XD Naturally I didn't draw the last panel. Anyway the context is when Pit walks at a certain speed in Uprising he has a strange limping animation. I thought that was odd and tried to give a canon explanation. He fell and broke his leg at the end of Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters for the Gameboy. XD
It's been a year and a half but finally I made a new comic. 8D
to KirbyCake
XD Not really it just says it in a strange high pitched voice.
Mario Galaxy 2 is awesome but was anyone thinking of this when Lubba said "Have you been raising alien eggs?"
I love Valkyria Chronicles and at last XD I've butchered their character designs! Hence forth unless required all Hey Listen characters shall have MITTENS! Cause it makes things easier for me by a lot. Also have you ever looked at these character designs so much armor plating and designs and tags and GAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I nightmare to draw fast. I simplified things by a lot. Also about the joke you have to play the game to fully understand. Characters die if wounded unless your soldiers get to them and call for a medic. Largo Alicia and Rosie on the other hand our essential to the plot and so they get a free pass XD carrying themselves off the battle field. There is one more Valkyria Chronicles comic on the way.
When I went there I got New Super Mario Bros.
This is the last one for a while.
For more go here.
See the little animation here.