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I live in Scotland. Because I'm Scottish...

I like video games,spriting,TV,GIR,and KFC.

IAmTehPwnzer is my youtube if you want cancer, by the way. Don't know who would be reading this AND want that, but, eh.
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    Kieran Hopkins
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I really need to post my new sprites.
Then , I became officially confused..

EDIT: Seriously, I'm supposed to be one of the new owner's and I don't have a clue at what's going on.
What a clever observation.
This place is up again?

We're talking about the owner of the hotel, not its occupants.
I better get packing...

Yeah, remember me?
I just realized this is the 50th page.
I didn't think you prt scr'd that.
The Wii doesn't stink.
Talking about Pokemon Heartgold by the way.
So what's a triangle?