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...Hope you liked it!!!

Please let me know if I have some mistakes ^^

PD: that dude of the flowers... He really doesn't have a garden, he is the son of a man who sells manure.

So his garden is made of pure manure... LOL

^^ thanks!!
Wow, I really appreciate ... ALL


Yep, I'm always with spelling errors or time errors, but when I make n error with the times is because i was thinking in something else, the spelling errors are... ermm... FAILS


wait you found what? XD
XDXDXDXDDDD my that's SO good XD
Thank cha'cha'
oh thanks so much!!!!! ^^ I really appreciate it ^^

I will try to post more ;)
so ^^
There is the real beggining of the story ^^

Well I must go, hope you like it : D

hugs & gummies
pizza parfum!
Well today I was like a psycho... but it was only 'cuz I already had the pages... Generally, I'm too lazy for making succeeds like these... But I'll try to post more often.
: 0
HE is angry!!!!

wait... he?

Hi ^^
who (for the sake of God) had the brilliant idea of making that long nickname? It sucks!

XD poor poor...

Hope you like it ;)
September 19th, 2008
Hi! : D
PD: If you donĀ“t like randomness, or you have no patience... Well maybe you should visit the doctor.
PD2: emm, english is not my language, i mean, my native laguage is spanish (lol) but I wanted to do this comic also in english,

so what?


PD: hope you like it ^^
September 19th, 2008
"This is the most entertaining story I have seen in my whole life".
~A girl of 3 years old.

"These are the kind of sites that daddy told me to not see"
~The sister of the girl of above.

"The most beautiful piece of art of all"
~da Vinci, from the heaven.

"Man... You must go down and view it more closely"
~The Devil, to da Vinci.

"I swear.... She is not my daughter"
~God, to reporters, talking about me : )

"I swear, she's not mine neither"
~The Devil, again, to reporters, talking about me : 0

"That piece of shit..."
~The janitor of the New York Times.

"I would kill her, but, I feel bad for her"
~A psycho

"You should get the hell out of here... I think that this thing would make to you the sickest person ever"
~Your imaginary friend

"You are going to love this story, is cool, is creative and it smells like pizza"
I like this one ^^
September 19th, 2008
Who cares about Pluto?
September 19th, 2008
i want one!!!

He needs to be more polite
but ... Who wants to have feet?
ok you rocks >u< i loved this one, it made me laugh XD

Feet are bad... you know...
September 19th, 2008
wow i like it ^^