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Hi all you looking-at-my-profile-folks!
My name's Kristy and I'm 16.
I'm from Slovakia - the black hole of Europe :D
I love drawing and making comics. Sonic LIVE! is my very first sprite comic. Till then I was only making hand-drawn comics.
I hope you will enjoy my Sonic fan comic.
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    Kristy M
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I will try and ignore your *lol* comment teel... :P sheesh

Zhao: I made it... kind of. It was a round cheese waffle so I bit off parts into the Apple logo :D

PS: Whoever rated this with a 1 point... MEH and BAH :P
You all don't know good stuff when you see them! :P

Thanks to Steve you all can use a computer with a mouse!
You all don't need to type commands, instead you have the icons - the GUI!
Not to mention thanks to him the thinnest laptop is the coolest one and the music industry was reinvented.
Plus now they revolutionized movie renting -> iTunes!! :D woohooo!
Yes a filler... BUT!...
I added this to lighten' up the mood a bit :D now you all can know how I look like. Horrible, icky and yucky aren't I? :D

PS: Please don't leave mean comments! THX
January 15th, 2008
-.-# . o O (STAY ON TOPIC PLZ!)
Jeez, Zhao is a girl.. and what does that have to do with my comic anyway?

PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC! (...or I'll delete your posts)
Thank you.
January 3rd, 2008
Happy New Year..
Sorry for being late... (as usual).
I had a lot of stuff to do (as usual).

But anyhoo... PF 2008 everyone.
All the best in the New Year!
January 3rd, 2008
Someone: meh :P

shadow the hedgehog (Guest): I have no idea XD
sum1whothinkshesspritecomicisrubish (Guest): if you mean the "glow" around the Sonic sprite, well... it's outerglow in Photoshop.

Everyone else: thanks and enjoy!
December 24th, 2007
Thanks all!

And a merry (bah humbug!) X-mas to you all.
Answers to silly questions
1) That's what is for you twit! Didn't you read what I wrote and what is written on the site?
It enables you to IM on a website, NO NEED TO INSTALL PROGRAMMES!
2) BECAUSE LIKE IT WAS MENTIONED 1000x TIMES BEFORE, I DON'T HAVE TIME! And what does that have to do with spamming? Nothing!
Because just 5% of the rants here are about me not updating. The rest is just blahs that don't have ANYTHING to do with MY COMIC.
3) As you can see, I spend an hour deleting the really stupid stuff here. As well as on my Rings comic...
I just don't have time for deleting the rest 600 comments.
Sadly, I am not a brat that doesn't have to do anything and is bored so goes to my sites and rants about nothing.
Biggest...? No... I wasn't even mean, but come on...

I just got mad that they say I said it's okay to spam on my comic... -.-

Go find a chat site!
Or if you just can't get an IM programme (I have no idea WHY) then go here:

Are you insane or something?! Or have an IQ of a rocking horse?!


I found one of my comments regarding the spam topic, and I NEVER said it's okay to spam:

"Kuka at school (Guest), 26 Jan 2007 12:30 pm

God...almighty... Oh my God...

I am so gonna delete all of this unregistered user nonsence... and I am thinking of blocking guests commenting! I really didn't want to do that because it's stupid, but I guess I'll have to >.<

oh man... o_O total flood"


Sometimes I want to cry ;_;
How would you feel when you would get 700 comments about utter nonsence, nothing to do with the comic, then horrid page-breaking NOTHINGS of a person who is a total idiot (in medical terms = someone with a brain illness) just to destroy the comic page, make the scrollbar busted and etc...?

Some people these days... you act like brats, really...!
Is she dead... or is she dead? XD
...that is the question!

lol I exist.. XD

sorry that I don't come here much and that I don't update my comics and also that I don't contribute and help out with SAA2... v.v
So sorry about that, but I have so much going on, but don't worry... I will come back and start making comics again! :D

Oh, and also: <- my new spritesheet helped out by Trey ^.^
PLZ vote on Webcomic Battle!
Please vote for my comic - on

Listen, EVERYONE...!
Please read the NEWS section- !
If you are a real fan of Ring Control, please VOTE for my comic! THANK YOU!!

PS: I order you to vote 8D
...j/k (;
lol o.O
Thanks Devon...XDD

You really mean it or you're just being sarcastic or something? o.O

260: thanks ^.^
lol Shrazer, how slow can you get? I knew about Mephiles traveling through time like 3 weeks ago :P
The Mephiles I drew is his CRYSTAL form (example: ), not his form he took from Shadow's shadow.

Anyway, he doesn't want to have the same Mephiles that is in the game. So, if you want, tell him yourself. I told him about Mephiles way back when I only knew about his crystal form not the Shadow's-shadow-like-umm-thing-form-stuff XD

PS: I love spoilers ^.^
PS2: Oh well, I planned the story way back when I didn't know much of the story so I made the story myself... Soooo Silver is gonna be the time-traveller... -.-
Thank yuz all ^.^

Zhao: Noooo... well... Yeah. But Mephiles appears in the new Sonic Next-Gen game. But yes. Mephiles is also in Trey's comic (:
A NOT UPDATE! lol... well.. a somekind of update :P
I hope I will get some time to get back on track making sprite-comics ):

I am so sorry to you all... for the biiiig lack of updates.

Let's call it hiatus I guess... Shall we? :P

Anyways, enjoy my version of Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic Riders styled artwork! w00t! :D
Sorry for the lack of updates!
I had so much stuff to do... really important stuff ):

Anyways, this is a whee lil'o filler but I promise the comic will come soon! In a whole new style! Cuz I found out some great stuff in Photoshop!

To the pic: This is my vision of Mephiles how he would look like in Sonic Riders :D
And yes, I plan to put him into the story... somehow...
Enjoy it folks!
His name is Gerald Robotnik...
And I think Shadow had an affection to her... a deep one... :P

And thank yuz! ^.^
I'm just that ugly v_v