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Dark Dragon X80
o_O... I LIKE PIE!!!
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Black, but her 2 main ones were black and white, she gave the white one to Mario
I'll help,
Nights is faggot good guy/girl... Ihave no clue
He might be a neither
His entire game is flying through little lands of happiness...-_-

Dimentio is weird frenchy bad guy, extremely evil, tricky (almost tricked me into losing the game saying he was a good guy) and he almost destroys the entire world
yeah I pick Dimentio
Only problem is Blizzear's shading, it's funny.
Frolar is huggable and the other two look kick ass.
What a great creation, too bad I must go (specific reasons of extreme anger)...
*weird warping sound he makes*
Ok, I'll wait :)
2 person who just kinda brought the whole thing up with that comment... -_-
You deleted my question ;-;
You should've made the star a chao
Agree with Rosalina being cool
Yey1 13375 r b4k11111
Anyways, prediction for final round
Star Mario and Luigi *or something with those 7 stars* vs. Super Sonic and Shadow vs. Rush Mega fusion and X in that armor.
Last panel was funny.
Great job on 400.
Glad to see you're back to a normal update pattern.
But that's not a sprite, it's a drawing.
The mouth looks really bad in panel 3
It makes him look like a hedgy
Ohterwise, pretty good
My name is up there...
I'm watching you...
Why did you cut Omega in half