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Dark Dragon X80
o_O... I LIKE PIE!!!
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Black, but her 2 main ones were black and white, she gave the white one to Mario
I'll help,
Nights is faggot good guy/girl... Ihave no clue
He might be a neither
His entire game is flying through little lands of happiness...-_-

Dimentio is weird frenchy bad guy, extremely evil, tricky (almost tricked me into losing the game saying he was a good guy) and he almost destroys the entire world
yeah I pick Dimentio
Only problem is Blizzear's shading, it's funny.
Frolar is huggable and the other two look kick ass.
What a great creation, too bad I must go (specific reasons of extreme anger)...
*weird warping sound he makes*
2 person who just kinda brought the whole thing up with that comment... -_-
You should've made the star a chao
Agree with Rosalina being cool
Yey1 13375 r b4k11111
Anyways, prediction for final round
Star Mario and Luigi *or something with those 7 stars* vs. Super Sonic and Shadow vs. Rush Mega fusion and X in that armor.
Last panel was funny.
Great job on 400.
Glad to see you're back to a normal update pattern.
But that's not a sprite, it's a drawing.
My name is up there...
I'm watching you...
Why did you cut Omega in half
Woah, trippy
and yeah, use it
Are gunna eatchu
That damn wasn't nearly long enough Eddi
...Me make poopy...
@Tailikku: Bowser changed the time limit...
Bowser is so awesome ;-;