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Yea... I really just made an account to keep track of the comics I read, but~ I was thinking of making a random comic. Like, use the RPG characters I created and have random, within-a-few-pages-if-not-1-page comics. ...Or not. I really don't like drawing people. My drawings are more like, random images of wolves, my RPG characters, and random mythical creatures (including some hybrids I made up).
I showed this to my friend on the left, Bri ( ), after I finished drawing it... She just laughed (and she looks a lot better in real life; I can't draw wavy hair to save myself. Tried drawing it another time, and it came out horribly; I wonder why he didn't mind that I messed up his hair).
I want to fix this up and color it in to make a banner for my SmackJeeves webcomic, but I don't know how to, ><

But I'll be putting it up for now, just to save a space for the Introduction rant I have.

And I don't know; should I call the comic "My Quirky Mind" or "My Quirky Personality?"

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These pictures are centered around me and the random ideas and situations I get into my head. :3

Anyways, comments, criticism, and suggestions for future cartoons / comics are welcome!
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I drew this on the back of my guidance pass (I was supposed to see her that day) in Civics class.

Explanation for the Drawing: We were talking about immigration, which led into terrorists (immigrating into the country), into bombings (terrorist bombing the U.S.), and then someone said something like "bomb the terrorists." Or something, O.O, since I wasn't really paying attention (my friend and I were commenting on random stuff on the sidelines).

Because of the "bomb them" comment, I thought of placing a bomb on my head. It'd be cool to have it as a hat, so here's me with a bomb as a hat, :3

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I wanted to draw wings, and I just happened to draw myself with wings. O.O

Anyways, so I cannot draw feathery wings. *shrug* I tried.

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If you didn't read my super long comment on the page before, I go to Chinese class. And the characters I'm referring to are Chinese characters (those weird looking words Chinese people write).

And if you didn't know this, I'm Chinese. I just happen to be Americanized... so I don't read or write, and I can barely speak (I'm not even fluent; I can only barely get by when speaking to my grandparents).

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I drew this in Chinese class (but I had the idea for a few days now) on pink paper (that's why the background is pink).

Anyways, so I don't particularly like school. I mean, large backpack full of books, and hard subjects. Like Calculus. Oh goodness (I don't like swearing using religion), Calculus. I just remembered, I have a quiz that I need to study for *has to study or else won't pass* ><

Though part of the reason why I don't like school is my fault. Like waiting to do my homework until 9-11 PM, and then ending up staying up until 12-2 AM. So then I get 4-6 hours of sleep on average, >< Sometimes less. Like the time I did my Civics and Forensics projects the night before when I had over a month to do it last week on Wednesday. Stayed up until 5 doing that and reading a book....

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September 13th, 2008
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