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Who am I?!?
All you need to know is that I am Koko-chan.

Where do I hang out?!?
Weelll... I comment a lot here, I'm on dA as PRKoneko, but don't expect to see anything posted there and I only check it once in a blue moon... um... you're the most likely to find me on Pokécommunity. I go there every day and my username is Kon~. Yah. But why do you want to find me anyway?

Why do I swear a lot?!?
It's just who I am, fuck off, will you?

I'm making a webcomic?!?
yeah. It's still in planning stages, but I have a couple of new characters I want to wheel out and very little plot to speak of thus far, so that's something I'll need to work on... I don't exactly know where to go with it. :3

What about Scribblings?!?
What? Oh that. I update whenever the hell I feel like it, and I want other people to contribute as well. I.E. I WANT CO-AUTHORS! My Pokémon Comic, I will do myself but Scribblings is intended for anyone to add to. SO JOIN IT, OK?!?!

So that's all you need to know about me. Now STFU and GTFO.
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DT looks so darn pleased with himself, I just want to squee!

Keep at it, DT! You go, girlfriend! Uh... or something. ^^;;
YAY! DT! You're NOT useless!

*cheers from the sidelines*
*blames Atty*
*continues to cheer*

>> << >>

That counts as a command!

Rarara, DT's gonna kick some Nido-ass!! (maybe...)
"Backwards hat"

GOLD? lololololol
DRAGONTHING!!!! <3<3<3

Mokepon is awesome. :3
And I'm loving these coloured pages!
o.o If that's what a page ends up like WITHOUT tones, who needs the tones?

yah, the tones pages looked awesome but this is still magnificent!
Bear? What is that bear doing in there? o.e
Surely around this point, Haru should release more sparkles? Just to emphasise the point that he made but doesn't remember making but Shiratori remembers and would appreciate more should sparkles be involved?
That Nidoran... is badass!

I would run too. Go DT!
Please god don't be Youngster Joey.

Oh, sorry...

Please GOLD don't be Youngster Joey.
They both look so darn chuffed!

I want them to win. Just to stick it to the man. But three against one... ehhh...

... GO DT! DO IT! DO IT!
Atty... :|

You really don't get this, do you? And DT, YOU'RE NOT HELPING! Don't just agree with his crazy morals!
Hey babe! You brought me McNuggets!

This = Love.
WTH Atty?

Don't fall for it, Dragonthing. Run while you can!!
Did Farrah ever get a proper name, or will Ashley end up as Janice for all her life?
It's Scuttle at the window, isn't it?

Silly birds, thinking glass is an open route. *shakes head*
Porygon's new gig sounds a lot like Superman.

In the sense that he always waits until his folly is in danger and then swoops in there to save the day and get a quick shag off the chick, the sadist.

Yes, definitely Porygon. Except his chick is Ash. And Ash isn't exactly willing.
... panel 2. What the...? O.O
Three Poké Balls?!?!

Oh, Dragonthing...