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*grabs pen, striking pose* I'm Back In Business! ;)
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    Rizura Kinbreed
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@Mission^666: I understand~ I've been so busy T.T
I wanted to try and post SOMETHING cuz I'll be so busy this summer doing summer clases T.T
WOW! It's been so long since this comic had any kind of update D:
Sorry for such a long wait~
I was so busy with school T.T
I'll be posting a page later in the week ><
Thanks ;u;
@sweetyaoilovergirlz: He tipped the can x3
I think ouo"
ASFGHJK *shot*
New page ;~;
Not much, but I'm going to be working on two other pages
tonight >.>
Sorry for not updating in so long v.v"
School has been taking up a lot of my time, and I got really sick and was hospitalized and etc.. v.v"
But yes, another page ( Which started out good, but then got awful after some time... lol ) about Ka$h's escape :)
Something awesome is happening~!
This guy is in for it~!!!
Btw,sorry for the bad handwriting.. I got lazy v.v"
Oh my gosh, so cute! :D
What's going on with P*A, anyway? o.o"
@Feruru: I had a plan for him running, but....I forgot what it was, so I'm making it up as I draw hehe ^^"
And thank yew~ :'3 I hope I can keep up with the consistency <.<"
@KC (at school)(again): Haha, thanks ^^
And yuss mysterious man, may become new I'm not too sure, just yet, though lol
I'm glad you likes him~!
Okay, so, The guy who wants to slit Ka$h's throat is a character I made after a character Resalan made >..> I will have that it's a disguise >.>
But anywho~ I haven't uploaded much, since I was trying to develop my own style, which, is working out pretty well C:
Hope you like ^^
And sorry the page is crap <.<"
Omg >w< Dez is so cute o//u//o I wanna eat him
Eclipse is 21, & full of spunk.
He's quite the dancer & loves to hit on any guy he sees
( Here's a better description ~ )

Name: Eclipse DeVayne
Age: 21
Eye Colour: Unknown (wears contacts)
Hair Colour: Chestnut brown (dyes it every month)
Skin Colour: Light Mocha

Likes: Music with fast-paced beats, & Slow rhythm to get close to his dance partner, Sweets of all kinds, fashion, and being different. He also enjoys reading comics, (when no one is around.)Flirting, and those who know how to flirt back.

Dislikes: Un-sexy music ( lol ), bullies, bugs, ignorance, & women.

He can be quite caring when needed, & tends to baby those younger than him. He is an Uke, but turns into seme, when drunk. He loves to hit on any guy he finds attractive, and rarely will take 'No' as an answer. :'3
He's basically, trouble xD

It's been a while, since I used a new character, so please forgive, my crappy description >.>
This update made my day <3 And so did seeing Skorn's face~ @u@
That dripping wet face >w<
Kae :'3 <3
Yay, update~! :D
Omg, that look can't be good >.>
I still am spazzing over how amazing the new style looks~ ouo"
Skorn looks so hawt in the last panel >w<
*crush* <3
I've seemed to become a junkie for updates ouo"
I spazzed when I saw it x3

Terrence looks so hawt~
I feel so bad for Sifris x3
YAY! WELCOME BACK! The page looks so pretty >w<
I love the style :D
Can't wait for the next pages x3
Oh my gosh D:
And Dez is so jump-able~!
Uhm..Amusement park in the sky? >.>
With all the little gay angels ouo