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Well, I'm still very much a novice when it comes to making comics so any constructive criticism would be great! I also cannot guarantee how often I'll be able to submit because of college.......
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Early Update
So I'm posting tonight instead of tomorrow... just because Rocki-san will not be able to view it yet and it shall kill her inside >:D

I'll have the next page up hopefully next week on Saturday if college doesn't get too much in the way (I'll be careful cuz that phrase was like the death sentence for my other comics T_T)
you know what's sad... I thought the same thing and was growing ever jealous of him while drawing the jammies <.<
Very Late TT_TT
Sorry... I was thoroughly enjoying my "spring" break way too much... my kitties are very distracting! <3
I'll try to keep with schedule and post the nest page on saturday (heheh, but that page is very... simple) but it all depends on how much homework I'm assigned and how much procrastination I indulge in ;)
the comment title is my maine-ah accent coming out.... through my fingers... creeeeeepyyyy....

anyway, yes, page 4 in all it's un-glory... the writer hasn't seen this yet so I hope I didn't mess anything up.... if'n I did then I'm sorry!!! o:~

uhm... I don't know what else to say except "enjoy!" and "I'll hopefully see you next week!"
...oh.... yeah...... I forgotz! ^^;
to Rocki-san
That's right you like it!!! the red is actually my blood, the moon is my tears... and the clouds is my sweat!!'s a narsty picture...
So... Much... GREEN!!!

I like green, but this is pushing it which is why I hate coloring forest-y scenes... I tried balancing it out with reds and yellows... but I guess not enough... I hope you'll forgive my artistic failure...
Page es numero dos!! (excusi my quasi espanol... I do not claim to speak it... "well" if at all ^^;

this one's more cluttered than the previous one... but meh... I'm just trying to get it done so that the slave-driving monkey on my back (i.e. my author/sister, Rocki-san) will loosen up and give me some breathing room... ENJOY!!!
Just throwing the first three up as they get done... done in photoshop... my awesomely epic program on my equally epic MAC... (yes, I have shamed my family and beliefs by converting...)
New Comic Series!!
That's right!!!

I have returned and with a new comic! Meaning I'm probably not going to continue with the others (but I promise that I will continue with Ragged Tears--maybe even redraw it!)
so... it's been awhile.... and yet with all the time I had, I didn't even redo the type... I'll do ASAP (i.e. after my graduation ceremony tomorrow :D

Peace out Peeps! ..\/_
Inside Joke
Seriously, it's an inside joke that I'm going to let you in on... the Horticulture Teacher at my school will take students on a tour for the first day. He'll take them to the tool shed and say "For my smaller beds I like to use my Asian Hoe"... He does this every year and never realizes how funny it is and why ^_^
I wanted to incorporate this joke in the comic but my writer was totally against it... so I did it here as a filler >:D

As you can see, I got lazy with the background... again... still...
Return from Hiatus
Yes it's true... I was on Hiatus w/out warning and I apologize... (but I went to England and Scotland so it was worth it (8b

I'm re-posting this page simply because I have the technology! I made it bigger, faster, stronger! myahahahaha!!

really, I just added a gradient and typed out the dialogue so you with horrible eyesight can read this with a little-bit more ease (excluding the itty-bitty font on the bottom)
I do more of these than I should... Xo

We'll be moving back to the story soon (I have two pages that I should be working on but not)

The girl there is Elaigh's sister, Faylinn, whom we will meet within the next two pages :)

So enjoy this filler and wish me luck on actually finishing a page (or two)
I think this page pretty much sums up why I will probably never enjoy kids...

Love this comic btw :3
kay, I've had this done for a long time now but I forgot about it and it's been sitting on my computer for ages.
So late...
I have to say that I'm very impressed with myself on this one... I just like how the toning worked out for this one :}
But I have to say that drawing mid-air spinning shurikens... not my strong suit... I looked through my books, checked online, but there's no tutorials or anything about it! I was shocked and still am...

And I'm sorry it's been so long but I've been really busy with graduation/college stuff so yeah...
yesh... I felt the underwear and the tumbleweed were absolutely necessary >:}

And I use Sakura pens (i.e. microns) but I also bought a set of them and it's called the "Pigma Sensei" Manga Drawing pens... They are my life now (they're just that good ;)
yes, that'll prove to be very... interesting! >:}
Read Right to Left Please!
I was going to arrange this left to right... but I can't break the habit of right --> left

Aaanyway... I worked really hard on this (not to mention I actually made a decent background) but I was too lazy to color/tone this...

btw, I'm not comfortable enough to draw anyone's character yet so I made a random dude in the first panel (I promise I'll draw other characters soon!)