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hi my name is rosa treyes but i like it if people call me rosie. im 5'9'' and im still growing. i LOVE yaoi and espically if they are vampires. VAMPIRES ROCK X)lol well i suck at drawing so im not going to put any on so dont expect any. if you want to know anything else about me please send me a email at my yahoo or hotmail i dont mind but put who it is from and where because i get ALOT of junk mail so i might delete your mail on accident so put where you are sending it from. also me is MEXICAN and have dark brown eyes and curly blackish hair with brow highlights. my hair is naturally black but i decided to dye it a blueish black color with red highlights. it looked great intill i went to mexico and the sea water made it go bye-bye but watever. also i live in a small town named chowchilla and it is located in california so if you have heard,know or live in this town PLEASE PLEASE tell me. I NEED TO FIND ANOTHER YAOI FAN IN MY TOWN. k i think i'll shut up now.X)

PS: i only have 2 more years of highschool and all i know is that i want to become a dentist.
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I can't believe you're still making comic pages for this fanfiction. I remember when you had but just a couple of pages but then you went on a hiatus I believe. It's been so long that I don't even remember what happened in the original fanfiction but I sure am loving this comic and it's beautiful artwork. I'm so jealous of the Uchiha house. It's so gorgeous and I wish I had a house with the same interior design as their house. Even Sasuke's room is beautiful :D So thank you for still making pages :)
Thank you for still keeping this comic. It's been such a long time since I read this. I remember that you hadn't even finished the 1st chapter but I would look at your art and appreciated it for the beauty that it is as I waited for the next page :) The story has surpassed what I could ever imagine and I love that you know so much about the Aztec culture and traditions but then again you did study the topic, if I remember correctly. Your art is still gorgeous and I can't stop staring at it. So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us such a completely beautiful story :D <3 <3 <3
Reads uncensored version is on Ygallery, clicks on provided link on top, screams at laptop to load faster, dies from over fangirling xD,
October 27th, 2012
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I just can't take it any more! I LOVE your comic but every time I read "Flavio" it reminds me of my very straight friend Flavio who EVERYONE assumes he's a cute little gay bottom! xD This comic cracks me up because of that. But besides that I'm loving your art, colouring, and where the storyline is going :D
Nooooo!! I've come to the end!! This makes me want to read the fanfic again to remember what happens but at the same time I really don't want to read it so I don't spoil anything thing. Your artwork is AMAZING and i just LOVE Sasuke's wardrobe! I wonder what Kyuubi and Itachi look like in casual clothes.
YEAH!!! I can't believe that this comic is on Smackjeeves!! I usually read this on Drunkduck but now I'm super happy that it's on Smackjeeves. I remember reading this when there was only 2 chapters and I feel in love with it. What I like the most about your comic is that there is an actual plot to it and background information. Most of the comics that I read just have the plot that happens trough out the comic and NO background information or worst yet there is NO plot and there is pure smex (which I don't mind from time to time) But chapter 3 will be my favorite chapter for 2 reasons: 1) We get to see Hakakku in his animal form(he's soo CUTE!) and 2) FURRY SMEX!!! Yeah Furry!! :D
I must congratulate you for learning English on your own with only some knowledge of it that was taught to you in school. I know how hard it is to try to learn a language on your own. I tried to learn Japanese but it just blew up in my face so now I'm going to try to learn German, but I think I should finish learning Spanish first. So many languages not enough time.
Your coloring skills ROCK!! And I can't believe it takes so long to color a page, then you need to think about how long it takes to draw the outlines and everything else!! You go girl!! And on top of all this you have your private life and I still don't know how you manage to do everything you do. So thank you for being who you are :D
-With lots and lots of love from a fan <3 <3 <3
Rosa Angelica Treyes
PS Sorry for any grammar mistakes
Your artwork is sooo AMAZING!! I've never seen a comic like yours before. I'm liking how you incorporate Aztec culture into your comic and how beautiful the culture is, such a shame they are dead now. I'm just having a hard time trying to pronounce their full names. "Mictlantecuhtli" sounds like a place in Mexico, Mixtlán, and so does "Tezcatlipoca". I feel as all the characters name's would sound beautiful if they were pronounced correctly.
Your artwork is amazing!! It's sooo clean!! There hasn't been that much said but you still captivate the mood just by facial expressions and body language alone. That takes MAJOR skills! This is awesome!!
UPDATE!!! And in color!!!
Soooo freaking cute!!!!!!
Ohhhh....Who is this anonymous voice that we hear. And hopefully those guys can FINALLY get together. I've been waiting far too long for them to hook up already. :P
I love you!!! Your sooo freaking awesome!!! Your drawing is great, your fanfictions are amazing, and you want to make videos as well. Your my new idol. When I grow up I want to be just like you. =P
And your video trail is superve. I want to see what happens. It reminds me of the manga "You're My Love Prize in Viewfinder" And I still haven't finished your fic "Being a Yakuza's Bride" I feel ashamed. TT.TT
But I did finish reading "Origo" and it's quite addicting like all the fics you write. But I'll be waiting patiently for you to update no matter what it is you update. And hope Uni becomes easier.
Murse heheh
I woundn't mind if you were MY nurse. I think I would just get sick on purpose to go and visit you. Heheheh. Carl's so smexy and Leon is soo cute. I feel sorry for both of them. They just want someone to love.
How can you stand me???
OMG!!!!! I can't believe that Op keeps things in her dress. Maybe she has magical pockets. But look at Cai!!! He's soo cute. I wonder if he knows it's natural to keep things in your clothes even if you dont have pockets. I wonder Poko keeps her things?? Maybe they just magicaly appear as if pulled trough a vortex that just happens to appear. Hehehe. XD

Also how can you stand me?? I'm so werid and random. Also I'm finally 17 and have no life!!! Weeeeeeee!!! =D
Happy Almost Anniversity
I can't belive it's almost been a year since "A Song For Elise" has ended, It's kinda sad that it sorta ended near my birthday. Who knew the 21st of July would mean more to me then just me turning a year older. I'm still glad that I read this, even if I haven't read it since they very last page you posted. Even know as I think over it, it's still sad. But it was very awesome. I just get a really good/excited/sad/peaceful feeling when I think about this story. I'm just so glad that you even wrote/drew it. You have incrediable artwork and an awesome story line. Just thanks. Thanks for this great piece of art that I have been so gifted to read. Thank you for everything.
a really big fan named Rosie
Yes Shroe you should TOTALLY go. It's the best idea every. You won't get molested, not at all. Maybe you'll just get grope and get touched on the booty but besides that it's totally safe. XD
did Wu kill Ing's son??? Wow... talk about revenge. This story is getting even better.
Noooo Kuro!!! Hideki's drunk and he thinks your a girl. Your too cute and innocent to be a girl Kuro!!
Awesome comic!!!!! :) Rakuen is so HOT in that outfit. I hope Keith is in the Rome scene as well. Also are we ever going to find out why he's been so spacy lately???
OMG It's an update. This page is SOOO cute!!!!!! =) I love Bo's face in the third panel. I could just eat him up. He's so cute!!!!