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Arwym Starlight
I'll try to work simultaneously on two or three projects. But if that's not possible, then I'll only update Where Dreams Begin. Once I am finished with WDB, I'll continue with 3xRaNdom, The Dream Agency, and another of those projects that I've yet to name and which stories I have yet to polish. So far, the most complete are WDB and 3xRaNdom. Darkenval needs to be rewritten, because it sucks. And The Dream Agency needs a more solid plot. There's an unnamed story there, too, but drawing it would be super complicated for me at this time, because... It has... MAJOR KICKASS MECHA AND SHONEN MANGA ACTION! And I totally suck at those two.

I've been drawing manga since the age of 11... I think. I am currently 20 years old (and still an idiot), and still love to watch anime, read and draw manga. Yet, I have so much to learn...
I believe that, by starting a webcomic, I might learn many things about manga, and how to satisfy my public through the creation of this wonderful art of sequences.
I do lots of things. Check if you want. lol.
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Yeah... Here's the rambling, too.
Geh, I know... I should get slapped in the face several times for abandoning all these comic projects without a notice. I also abandoned my SJ Layout Shop, leaving many requests unattended. That deserves some extra slapping. I'm so irresponsible... ._.

I'm still alive, and although many things about me have improved, I am still the same disorganized, undisciplined girl from 2 years ago. A shame, but it's the truth. I have, however, finally achieved a few things concerning my professional life. I've started doing freelance Web design & development work, as well as obtained a part-time job as webmaster with a small, local Web design business. My boss seems to be happy with my work, but I know I can do better. So I'll continue moving forward and improving.

Now, here's the thing. I have to get my personal projects OFF THE GROUND, and sadly, sever a few because I have too many; all in order to be able to concentrate on the more important ones. And if not to sever them, put them on hold for the near future, in an organized manner, like with a priority list or something...

Oh, I also committed myself to participate in NaNoWrimo this year. I planned to do it on July's Camp NaNo, but it wasn't possible due to work. So, I'll probably try it on August or November, if time permits. If not, sadly, I'll have to leave it for next year, but I want to avoid that.

Just so you know, my old story ideas have continued evolving throughout this time of apparent inactivity. I've been polishing characters, discarding some other stuff here and there... My mind has matured some more, so ideas I used to find reasonable two years ago, I no longer consider worth it. And I know this will continue to happen, over and over again...

Oh, if you want to learn about some of my writing projects and the like, check out both and The former is my personal blog, and the latter is my author profile at, which is where I write the most.

Ok, this is it. I hope you're still around, and if so, I'd love to hear about you and your own projects.

Thank you, and take care!
Very interesting. I've never seen a main character that is a nude model. I wonder what sort of nude modelling she actually does?
Edit: Never mind, lol. The answer is kinda obvious.
Both the drawings and writing are great so far! :D I'm looking forward to this. :)
Coincidentally, the only comic I ever finished was around 7th grade, for a school project. It was about AIDS and turned into a love story with an unrealistic happy ending. xD But it's still the only one I finished, so yeah... xD Since then, I haven't finished a single one.
I totally agree with page. The only place where I tolerate so much romance and lovey-dovey stuff is in fiction. In good fiction.
*Steals mysterious chip and eats it.* Yum!
Take your time!
It was all clear to me. :) Don't worry. I am only curious to know who these people are, now.
Not exactly like this, but I had a similar experience.

Your art is wonderful. The other day I was reading your comic from my brother's cell phone and when he looked at the screen and saw one of the pages, he was like "Whoa, pretty! What's that?"
Dramatic. This comic is well written. :) I really like it so far.
LMAO. The weird pikachu one is WIN.
Loving it so far. :D Yay, adventure's about to begin!

The beginning of the story and the main character remind me a lot of the character I play in Planeshift. She's lived with her parents in a farm her entire life, but was tired of waiting for something exciting to happen in her life. She wanted to follow the adventurers that every once in a while passed by the nearby village, and with whom she got a chance to cross a few words with. And one day, she finally made her decision to leave.
Enjoying the story so far. It's different. :)
About Adrian Girard
There is not much I can tell you of this character yet, but he is important in this story. His personality is also complex, and hard to describe. At simple sight, he seems like an average guy. Maybe he is, maybe he's not.

I'll talk more about him later.

Edit: My friend Crest says he looks aloof. That's a good word to describe the way outsiders think of him. As a distant, cool person.
About Liz Angel
Maybe it's a good time to talk a little about this nice character, Liz.

Her name is Liz Angel. Originally, her biological mother was going to name her Elizabeth, but she ended up choosing Liz. When she was adopted by Elle Angel, she inherited that family's name, of course. So now you know, Liz is adopted. Her mother died when she was about 5, and her father disappeared a year before that.

Liz is 16 years old at the beginning of the story (after the initial flashback, that is). She is the adorable type. She's usually quiet and good tempered. Quite mature for her age, Liz tries to take everything in life, be it good or bad, as yet another experience to learn from. So, she tries to be optimistic.

Liz likes children, and often says that she'd like to be a teacher, a social worker, or a psychologist for children, when she finishes school. She also enjoys reading, writing (and often carries her diary wherever she goes), and playing the flute.

But Liz is not perfect. There are fragments about her faded past that she cannot remember, for which she feels that something is missing or incomplete; although she tries to ignore it, always thinking about the present and the future, rather than the past. This is part of what this story is about.

During the course of TDA, Liz will have to confront the task of closing an unresolved chapter of her life, as she also encounters herself with the ghosts of her past.

Every main character has a story of their own, and initially I intended to concentrate only on Liz's own; but then I changed my mind, and chose to give every character a spotlight moment during the course of the story. Liz's, however, will be slowly progressing throughout almost every chapter.

Why are you killing Sky?!
Girl in the Rain (Sarah), could you send me a PM with the template of your site's comic page? I want to see if this has something to do with the tags. Or if you can yourself, will you check for the date tags in that template? I just think it's about time we find out why this particular area of your website always gives the same date every time. :o

Edit: Never mind, it seems your comic archive has the same problem. Do you mind if I go to the forums and ask for help?

Spectacular. Very interesting style!