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I live in a box


Gtfo ;-;
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Oh man, This was just to tempting. I saw Nicks hat and was like "OH SHIT MY HAT". I have never seen another beanie hat user, so I was like "Oh shit steal". I know Nicks most likely is going to send me and angry PM like he did to my SadPanda account, But it was worth it.
Leavein SJ
Perrsonal reasons
Dont even attempt to steal my sprites, im still gonna check in once n a bit
Leavein SJ
Perrsonal reasons
Dont even attempt to steal my sprites, im still gonna check in once n a bit
Leaveing SJ...
Leavein cus of perrsonal reasons
Who doesint wear grey n green jeans?
I changes his look, again too

Anyhoo, what do you guys think, improvment?
k, the pillowed ones are the enlarged ones, and it has no lightsource,

so like give the lightsoruce to the front and shade off there, but put a little bit of a darker shade outlineing the lighter shade, like the next darknist so it blends in n looks good.
Theres another neox besides the one who made the silver sprites

Sexy thong <3

jk Mabye manly cloth? I dunno
Rawr, its pillow shade'd, and pillowing kills it

Its pillowed on head alot, which kills the head altogeter, work on that a bit
I need elos sprite for this, or I cant post

So can someone send, kthxbai
Dont die, im begging to like this comic

I wish I could cameo, mabye later on in the comic sometime
Or am I not awesome enough
3 Was also added for shits n giggles, I bet he whould say he is not gay or something like that.
Ignore the 3rd comment
Im sorry, I am planning on makeing a real comic but the few reasons I put this up is.
1. Trying out a new speach bubble, and it looks pretty good comparid to my others...

2. Everyone said they where getting hit by a car, so I put this up for shits n giggles till my real comic come out

3. Why wont you love me ani ;-;
The faggot the keeps running everyone over
He is drunk on kool-aid

BTW- Can someone put Shade in the characters section
Loki, ill make you my bitch if you dont ignore it
Dont ask just felt like typeing that
The pixal art looks like it has 14 boobs

Oh shit I was right
April 27th, 2009
I think those two are the two that where following him, and since they went the other way hes thinking if Kitani finds them they might die

And those are they 3 in the white'd out picture...

Am I right