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"Sandy the Mudman, was a happy jolly soul, with a muddy face and a green head, his eyes were lumps of rock!

O Sandy the Mudman, was full of joy that day...

Okay, I think I may have spent too much time on exile island my self...
QJD is still soar about last season... he wasn't cheating per se... he was utilizing all the resources at his beck and call.

AND... nobody ever said prior to that challenge that you can't fly...
P Bear and Minerva are still tight, but wth?? Choana and Knuckles... did I miss something????
Oh my that was brilliant. Lilly played that perfectly. I am quite impressed by her "drama" moment. Well done SWSU, well done.

If that had happened on the show there would have been blood... lol
Unless Marc has the idol and thinks that he can use it to force someone out... The only reason I see him throwing the challenge.
Tough call... tough call... after review... bulma has it. She was there, and she burnt the clue...
Popularity scores do not mean that the character is good or bad, it just means that we liked that character more or less. I love the Lilly character and voted her at a 10, but it doesn't mean I want her to win. I justenjoy her ruthlessness... especially to Pirhana minerva... I do believe I voted her at a -500...
Only if you consider Minerva as a woman. I agree she is female... but I stop WAY short of calling her a woman...
Thus beat her into fish food and she is a pile of female goop.. problem solved... :)
Oooooooo Happy stick Minerva into FISH FOOD!!!! Whooo whoo!!!
P Bear won't fall for it... Minerva may be hot, but P Bear is too damn cool to let himself fall for her charms... Oooo... blindside on minerva!!!!
Whoo WHOO!! The P Bear Tribe!! I love it!
Barney- 6
Bulma- 5
Chaona- 8
Ella- 10 OMG Fav!!!
Jez- 9
Joe- 6
Julia- 7
Kala- 9 (Stick Interrogations!)
Knuckles- 9
Lilly- 9
Lucky- 10
Luke- 0
Marc- 0
Minerva- 0 (-500 if I could)
P. Bear- 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riku- 5
Sephiroth- 0
Shiki- 2
<sigh> It looks like they are going to keep Minerva... suck...
P Bear for the WIN and Minerva for the pirhana... hehehehehehee

I'm going with the Unknown Voice and say P Bear! P Bear for the WIN!!!!
Damn... I did not see that coming... Nice shot SWSU, nice shot... twins are gone... thank the gods...
Minerva volunteered to stop from being voted out... B****!

Why do they have to play the "I'm cute" card? OMG don't they realize it always backfires???
I liked Lucky... Minerva could be fed to the Pirhana for all I care.
ROFL Nice, very nice... Bulma gets the smack laid on her...