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Practically inactive in all aspects but checking the comments on Without You, an awesome webcomic created by my friend Rinku and translated by, well, me. Just scroll down and check it out. And comment. Now. Please?
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I love John, though I was kind of scared how his accent would turn out... I did some research on African accents (Youtube and Google were my friends here), threw in some own experiences of Africans' pronunciation in English and made up the awkward grammar myself. So not just bad English or an African accent, but both at once :P.
\,,/. Awesome. I hope you're looking forward to the story continuing as much as I am!

PS. Wow, now I only realised how long I've been inactive on Smackjeeves... Some of my Favorites haven't been updated for 4 years. And even those updated three years ago probably still have pages I haven't read. Kind of bizarre. Maybe I should get back to comics?
Ainakin hakkaa kevyesti tällä hetkellä myynnissä olevat suomalaiset "mangat", eikös vaan ;)?
Sometimes there's something very Winnie the Pooh-ish about Kerine.
It's here!
When I look at this page, I can really notice, how much Rinku's art has developed. I thought she was pretty amazing already when I started reading chapter 1, but now... I can understand why she's become so critical towards the first pages. These new pages really raise the bar, don't they? My personal favorite on this one is the family picture, especially Jean with his blushing and crazy hair.

By the way, even my parents think these are great! They started looking over my shoulder just now, asking what I was doing. When I told them I was commenting on Rinku's comic, they were both like "What? She's THAT good?! This could be published". ^_^.

For those waiting for more: don't fret, it won't take another 5 months ;). I've seen it myself and it's really nearly finished. Could tell you what it's called, but surprises are more fun.

Though I can't promise you that Chapter 3 will start right after the cover is revealed. Even if Rinku had a page ready. That's because my matriculation examinations are coming up and I should be studying a lot more than I'm doing now. So I would say no translation until the end of September (I have my last exam on the 24th).

And then there's another big announcement:
In March Rinku will start her year as an exchange student - in Japan!
What this will do to the comic is yet unknown, since she will be busy sending me postcards. And maybe studying and getting to know the Japanese culture. But I know she has the plot for "Without You" figured out for many chapters to come and just living in a foreign country won't stop her from drawing. Especially living in a foreign country that's like the Mekka of comics. We'll see.

PS. Rinku also became a year older last Saturday. She's 17 now!
It's pretty, isn't it? The only thing that bothers me is that glitch in the first panel... Don't worry, it'll be fixed as soon as possible. I must've made a typo or something ^^'.

One page left of chapter 3!
Ok, so Rinku already told you the main piece of news: the WY pic did not win the competition. It didn't even receive a consolation prize, since they, for some reason, decided to give them away for such pieces that hadn't even reached the top ten. But there is something good news too (maybe not to you, though). I am amazed, since it happened just like I'd hoped: one of the pictures in the final was reported as a copy => my favorite picture (number 11) got in and it WON! But oh well, here are the complete results for those interested.

Winner: Collar girl lu_vari/467156.jpg

1st consolation prize: Sailor Moon catgirl lu_vari/467205.jpg

2nd consolation prize: Bunnies lu_vari/467294.jpg

Winner: My personal favorite lu_mv/467028.jpg

1st consolation prize: Bikini girl lu_mv/466996.jpg

2nd consolation prize: Winged catgirl lu_mv/467016.jpg

Congrats to the winners, since they weren't so bad, were they?
Here it is (finally), Ginatus' first official author comment
So, first about the page. Below you can find the translations for the writing in the photo album plus some additional info on individual pictures (provided to you by Rinku).

1. pic: Jean Enkeri, 7th October 4475
(only picture where Elysia's not visible => she took it, also the only photo taken against the light...)

2. pic: Me & Jean, 6th May 4476
(the one being choked is Jean, the choker Elysia)

3. pic: Returning from the church, 24th June 4476
(nearly the same picture that was once featured here as a filler)

If you look at the dates, you'll notice that they follow a certain time line (though the years are a bit different from ours). So Kerine's parents met in summer 4475 and then got married next year (Kerine was born about a year after that if I remember correctly). Exactly how their first meeting occured will be portrayed on the following page in a very hilarious manner. It will also give some further detail on what happened to Jean. Though I doubt you will be satisfied. Well, just wait and see. It should be coming up this Saturday or Sunday, along with the result of the drawing competition...

...Which appropriately leads us to my next topic, the results of the public vote in the drawing competition. As you all know, voting has seized and the final result will be out on Saturday. But until that, I have compiled you a short list from both categories, featuring the ten final contestants and one runner-up. Enjoy. All the things I voted for are subtlely marked with CAPS.

1) Pink catgirl, 194 votes lu_vari/467331.jpg

2) Smug face, 146 votes lu_vari/467212.jpg

3) Britts, 116 votes lu_vari/467296.jpg

4) RINKU, 114 votes lu_vari/467226.jpg

5) Collar girl, 97 votes lu_vari/467156.jpg

6) Catboys, 92 votes lu_vari/467200.jpg

7) Girl with lots of hair, 91 votes lu_vari/467739.jpg

8) Girl and bird, 90 votes lu_vari/467197.jpg

9) Flame boy, 87 votes lu_vari/467189.jpg

10) Catgirl in promo tee, 85 votes lu_vari/467171.jpg

11) Trust me -guy, 75 votes lu_vari/467240.jpg


1) Sword swinger, 269 votes lu_mv/467029.jpg

2) Creepy reaper guy (a.k.a. the Abt Nihil guy), 132 votes lu_mv/467127.jpg

3) Catgirl with tied tail, 100 votes lu_mv/466994.jpg

4) Island girl, 86 votes lu_mv/466982.jpg

5) Flute girl, 82 votes lu_mv/467011.jpg

6) Big-headed catgirl, 79 votes lu_mv/467124.jpg

7) Startooth, 75 votes lu_mv/467022.jpg

8) Sword elf, 72 votes lu_mv/467015.jpg

9) ???, 67 votes lu_mv/467142.jpg

10) Girl with seal hoodie, 65 votes lu_mv/467012.jpg

11) MY PERSONAL FAVORITE, 50 votes lu_mv/467028.jpg

Fingers crossed, maybe some cool things will win after all!
Totally unnecessary comment just to show you all that I'm a FREAKING CO-AUTHOR nowadays. But I promise to write only sensible things after this. Very sensible things, indeed.
Some background on the story:

Like Rinku said, tales of the Dummy villagers or 'hölmöläistarinat', as they call them in Finnish, are commonly read to children of all ages. They are about the people of the Dummy village that all are quite, well, dumb and hence struggle with things larger-than-life, let's say... building a house or bringing home logs. In the end, a clever boy called Matti always comes to save the day and tells the villagers what to do.

And in case you were wondering, I have no idea how good of a translation the whole Dummy village thing is. I just made it up, since there probably isn't any official translation for 'hölmöläiset' anyways. Did you understand it alright? Honesty folks, then there might even be development.
I just wrote a marathon comment about the translation, but I seem to have erased it by accident.

The content in a nutshell:

1) Isontalon Antti (= Big House Antti, Antti of the big house)and Rannanjärvi (= Shorelake, lake of a shore)were actual knife hooligans in 19th century Western Finland, particularly the village of Kauhava.

2)the word "vallesmanni" actually means "rural police chief", but that didn't rhyme very well => substituted by "police boss"

3)you can kind of still sing it with the original melody

:,:Isontalon Antti and Rannanjärvi
were talking fellow-to-fellow:,:
:,:'You kill Kauhava's homely police boss
'nd I'll marry his stately widow:,:

5) I have a new avatar that resembles me. <3. Thank you, Rinku!
June 19th, 2007
I'm so happy that I'll never have to go through anything like that. Poor Emma ;;.
Maybe it's not real chocolate, but sheesh, it kicks the cocoa butt of every other product that is.
June 14th, 2007
O.O. Get. Your. Dirty. Hands. Off. Her.

And here I was kind of starting to think he wasn't as much annoying as I had thought he was... Stupid perv -.-.
June 14th, 2007
Now it's readable. Thank you ^_^!
"Nice to know that you're attracted to corpses".

I laughed so hard >). Actually, I'm still snickering to myself. Ah, the glories of brotherhood.
Has he needed to practice that expression or was he born with it >)? It wouldn't surprise me.

This comic is guaranteed quality ^_^. I can't wait to see the girl with the tophat <3.
June 12th, 2007
Hey, don't bash it, I like it ^_^. Emotion, the flow of time, boredom... It's all there. Not everyone can do that, my friend.

Though in that sense you're right that there is one thing that bothers me artwise. The second panel. Where Jeremiah's feet look more like pieces of fabric (that he's for some reason holding up in the air) than actual pants. And where there's something wonky with Emma's anatomy too.

But like you said, there are good days and then there are... other days. Little mistakes are the plague of every artist/writer/person in the whole universe. ;).
June 12th, 2007
Hmmm, so you have a recap thingie now. I don't really know if it works :/. You can't really read it since the text's so small... And I've always found them quite troublesome and unnecessary.

Though this is just my opinion, so don't get upset ;). I'm sure someone will love you for it if you just can make it a bit bigger.
June 11th, 2007
'Tis pretty, indeed.

And I always liked Wonderfalls. Although all of its humor didn't always work on me, there was still something special about that series. I was sad when I heard it got cancelled...