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Right now I'm working on 'The Life Of Alexis Perkins'
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Since a lot of questions have risen with our update schedule.

We hope to get to at least a weekly update in january and fabruary.

Life finally having calmed down and some changes in the workflow of creation should fix our on and off schedule.

Thanks for sticking with us <3
@FallingStar: Thanks for thinking with us!
The things you mention are definitely worth considering.

At the moment new pages are being produced, and a new workflow I created seems to be a time saver. (where color is still an option)

We hope to at least start updating weekly again this month, and then try to keep that up.

If that fails, your suggestions are one of the things we are planning on trying :)
@Dragonrider: I know, it seems to take forever ^^'

Mostly due to fault on my side. I've moved to a different country a few months back, it took up a lot more time then I had in mind.
On that note, seeing as I've had a new start I'm also looking at how to produce the comic and what is a priority in my daily life. The comic is still being worked on, but on a different format in planning as before.
I am now trying to work in 'bulk' on pages, so once I've finished a set, there will be consistent updates again.

Short term this is not ideal, and I understand that. I am hoping that this will fix long term problems and we won't have to go with long no update stretches anymore.

TLDR; Life got in the way, we are working on it :)
@Hippocampus: oh haha you are right!
I think its in all of these then, did not pay super atention to details due to these originally being for reference only. Will fix them asap, thanks for noticing!
@Fox_Rainbow: Well you can always contact Emily and see what she says. She has a clearer view of what kind of art she wants for her story then me. And like Fallingstar said, even fanart would be highly appreciated.

I already love that you and others took the time to comment on this. <3
@J-Master: No worries! thanks for the comment.
@Hippocampus: Thanks. I hope to be able to have some small amount of updates at least. But at the moment I have no idea what my schedule will be for the coming 2 to 3 months, so better safe then sorry :)
Help needed
Hi there loyal readers,

I apologize for this message. But life has gotten in the way of me being able to draw consequently at the moment.
The reasons are all nice and good, and I am really looking forward to moving to a different country.
It is very time consuming though!

If you want to help out in a simple way, or feel like drawing for the comic. Please contact me or Emily.
@Guest: Hi there!

Sorry you are totally right. I really flunked the anatomy there now I looked back to that page.

I did read your comment last time you commented, but totally forgot to reply, I apologize for that.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)
@Drakanor Dream: Taking a break kind of was the problem xD
Went to a Demoparty festival thing for 5 days. And the they days after that were filled with recovering from that.

But I came back inspired and hopefully able to get back in track! :D
@TallMist: Whoops, thanks a lot for pointing those mistakes out. I fixed them immediately.

Yep his shirt is a Sonic reference, Emily gave me the guide that it should be a Sonic spoof. The character on the shirt is Action Henk, the main character in a game my friends created. They also have their 'sonic' as in Blue Blaze Henk.
Decided to do a Henk tribute since it's a Sonic reference, way to go around copyright, and a shout out to my friends all at once.

Yes wat Trevor says is quite ignorant. I mostly blame it due to standard education linking gender and sex toghether like fixed and identical. most people I have met see this as the same thing, I myself did too when I was a teenager since you just... don't know any better. Unfortunately.
@SilverNinetales: Hi there, I am wondering what part makes it debatable for you? Remember that being trans all comes from your mind. The brain is actually telling you which gender you are, and this can be different from the gender your body has. This can happen when the baby is being made, to keep it simple, the sperm and the mothers body just didn't agree on male/female.

as a comparison, if a person is depressed, you also are not able to see that from the outside, that does not mean that the person is not depressed.

It is the same for transgender, the mind tells the person that they are female while the body looks male. You can't see that they are female, but that does not mean they are not female.
@Konamicode1999: Oh wow, I totally forgot to explain the Tshirt! thanks for the reminder.

Action Henk is an actual game made by RageSquid, an Indie game studio from some friends of mine. The game is a racing game similar to the Sonic games :D

EDIT: I edited the shirt a bit. There are actual Tsirts of Action Henk, now it is more similar to those! This shirt is sporting Blue Blaze Henk. Check the Action Henk website if you would like a shirt or would like to check out the game!
new style!
Thanks for all the people that commented on my last question.

This is what came out of all you lovely tips and feedback. Please tell me what you think of this style, I'm always looking for ways to improve.
Hi there readers.
Lately I have been wondering how to do the coloring style. I am curious for your opinion.
Do you have a preference?

untill now I am doubting between the soft shades I used the past few pages, the hard shadings I used the pages before those or the flat and simple style that this page has. Please tell me your opinion it would really help me to make a choice.

Thanks in advance!
Well isn't that shopworker just adorable?

I wanted to give a shot at drawing more diverse characters. So with that in mind I designed the shopworker.

Turns out I accidentally made a carbon copy of my boyfriend. I didn't even notice it untill he pointed it out himself.
I think I'm still secretly obsessed with him, even after 3 years of dating.
@TallMist: haha lol xD
He is putting in some more hay for the rabbits :') but who knows. he could be stealing them :p
@Steph: Thanks for saying it! For some reason I did indeed totally oversee it -_- whoops.

I tried to fix it as best as I could. Really nice that you did notice the fault, for some reason my brain went derp and stupid I guess :D

Thanks again :)
Hey there dear readers!
Good news, I graduated university this week :)
So now i got a bachelor of social work, oohyeaaah.

This means that the update schedule will become waaay more reliable for a while!

The coming weeks/months... hopefully not years. will be filled mostly with job apllications for me so I will have a lot of spare time ^^
Hi there everyone!

Finally an update again,
sorry for letting you down last week, I had a dreadfull deadline for my bachelor thesis ^^'
Now awaiting results *nervous*

On a positive note! Having handed in my schoolwork, we are back on a 2 comics a week schedule! yay :D
@Laurie_A: Or maybe DitzAle..
Then they can start there own brand of Ale! haha!