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May 2nd, 2014
This is gonna be the last page I post on smackjeeves. Originally, when I started the comic, I had only the tumblr and the smackjeeves mirror. After these were already running, I discovered ComicFury. For several reasons, I've ended up using the ComicFury site as the main site. The reason why I'm stopping the mirrors now is because I've started to set up ads for the main site. Thus, I must take down or rework the adless mirrors. You can keep reading the comic at The Main Site. If you don't have a ComicFury accound with which you can subscribe, you can use the Tumblr or Piperka
April 27th, 2014
The worst thing that could have happened, happened, which is to say my laptops dead and my hard drive is toast. I've pretty much only managed to get my "new" desktop to working condition in the past week. And, of course, as soon as I had a working computer, I got a nasty flu. Go figure. Updates should be back to usual.
Remember Harper?
Woop woop comic
I've been having a rough couple of...months...
One day I will get back on a steady update schedule

Today is not that day.

Edit: Oh yeah, follow me on tumblr because I usually make a post about updates there, it's http//
Dammit Kyle.
flat comic because i am really fucking late for something
Updating is going to be spotty for a while, with a minimum of 3 comics a week, as I try to balance making up for the archive break and the time I have available to work on this.
Kyle, I can't deal with your fucking swim suit, wtf, you are 23 years old.

I didn't update on Friday because I was sick and I was panicking about it but then I remembered I've been doing extra comics anyway so I'll just chuck in an extra-extra one.
@AlleyCat: I did :D (when you getting on skype yo)
No, but seriously
Kyle is like super adorbs without makeup
Yay new arc!

Also, holy fuck, Kyle's not wearing any makeup, run for the hills!
(Apologies for the extremely late comic, also, I fixed yesterday's)

Kyle you are so fucking awkward. How do you even pick up girls, do you just keep your mouth shut and hope for the best?


Apologies for the hand lettering but photoshop decided it would be a nice day to take off.
Whoops, my shonen is showing
@AlleyCat: There better be fucking confetti in that party
Oh my god
50th comic
I can't
Nope, totes not suspicious guy
@Pokemontrainergigi: Since you're here reading comics by taking advantage of your co-author privileges, can you fix the sketchbook page, I messed up on the dA links c: