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Fanfiction, yaoi, snowflakes, anime, Deathnote, sims 2,
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YAY at least you're not completely stopping the comic. Can't wait to see the new version.
New reader. Lovelovelove the way you made the redness glow.
Pwease update *tries to look as cute as Aurora* pwease
Haha the soup is ALIVE!
The buildings look totally amazing. I'm jealous.
Haha the first panel made me laugh. Ren is like "I so knew this would happen"
If he does any serious damage at least Monday is already in a hospital.
Yay this hasn't died <3
Try eating red meat, fish, lentils and raisins for iron deficiency.
Ahaha That so looks like the food at my school
Haha This was awesome. Hmm I can see Ursule with one of the other brothers.
You better not have killed off Monday D=
RenxClover is cute HAD to leave us with a cliff-hanger? *sobs*
The cutouts make them look so cute.
Cutenesss. I hope your family is okay
Oh Hai Ren, you come at such perfect times
Ursule pweasee <3
Haha I thought I was the only one who noticed the mushrooms, hehe.
Hi, Hi new reader here love the comic =3
I just started reading this and absolutely love it. He is so hilariously naive. <3
Go clover! *cheers*
pussymon made me laugh so much <3
<3<3<3 the story, I had to start all over because I forgot some of it -.-