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good ol' times~!
She's absolutely adorable~!
Nice, finally someone who could get along with RobinXD
Awesome, a really nice eccentric mad hatter style character, good job^^
One does not simply go to his room...
Come at me bro~!
Robin is making enemies with one of the nicest girls in the house, seems about rightXD
I'm sowwy, I'm so adorable I sometimes forget I'm a ghost~!
I guess she was kinda dead in bed...
Chess makes friends I see. I guess he won't be *puts on sunglasses* alone in the dark.
epic win, now death needs to be an official characterXD
oh, stop it you two hihihi
Challenge #2: Same rules, draw something decent.
Colorful couch potato chimera, enough internet for me today...

Really cool character :D
Jizzas, you almost scared Ophelia *puts on sunglasses* to death.
What? Never seen a girl walking through the wall? Where have you been while X-men Evolution were up on CN?!
That and more questions will be answered in a moment...

Oh snap, it's gonna happen, it's really gonna happen:D
Sweet set of pages^^
Hey kids, wanna see a dead body?!>:D
I don't think there's a single person who would give less f*cks then RobinXD

Too bad for Fai, I think there will be more legit kids to snack on eventually.
Welcome to Silent Hill~!

I think Ba'Shal is on the other side of the house...