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I make sprite comic.
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Amazing what a little red coloring can do...
Moving forward..
Casting berserk without confusion... not a smart strategy.
Yes I'm ramping up for another run and it only took forever.. in the meantime, here's this to possibly whet the appetite. Or maybe jog the memory.

Happy Halloween!
Glad you're up and rolling again, even if its a bit inconsistent. Keep it up, great work as always!
Ruh Roh
You've activated Lucas's legal team by use of the word Droid! Look out!
Oh wow, I've been away for a bit myself and just now saw that you're back. Sweet!
He's not the badass he once was... for some reason.
Alright, it's weak but I'm gonna do it. I'm placing blame on the Halloween special for this delay. That's right. I wrote myself into a corner with that damn thing and it took up all my AE time for like 3 weeks and threw me off track.

Order has been restored, and storyline work is back. Someday soon you'll see this travesty of a Halloween special but not until I'm back on the story. Take that, Halloween special!
Nice spotting, FF6 is correct. The tumbleweed is actually FF6 as well, and doll is FF4. Love those classic enemies!
Heh, point taken sir. Inconsistent updating does suck.
Things have been crazy, sorry... I'll try to keep you updated better.
So the next few eps will delve into a shorter format that I'm trying. On the plus side, I can make them faster. On the downside, well obviously its less comic.

Please drop some thoughts here and on the next couple episodes regarding the compact format!
Haha, I laughed at the Kook-Aid Man line..
@Margarita of Delusions: LOL

@CommonMan: YEP!
But but but
...this one thing I know proves that what you experienced first hand can't be!
Heh, great drawing. C&H was the best strip ever...
Hah, thanks guys. It's good to be back. I do enjoy making the comic.
As promised...
We're back with a fresh run! Please excuse me while I attempt to maneuver out of this conversation with the statue...
Yet another innocent window is destroyed.