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I am me, I like me. I hope you do too.
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You know, I remember debating even making this comic originally, since I had no issue with Michael Jackson and found his legal issues to be quite pointless, and frankly, none of my concern.

I liked the implication though, and I was a huge fan of the original Moonwalker game (I had it on Genesis).

Is it somewhat tasteless? Yep. Is it funny? I think so.

Would I pay for moonwalker to be ported to the modern era? Hell yes.
Fantastic art, and great storytelling. I really want to know what happens, and what has happened! keep it up!
I want the happy spell too! the green mages remind me of players of Ultima Online a lonnng time ago!
DDO, the beginning
Well, it seems that I have become somewhat addicted to Dungeons and Dragons online.

I don't know why really. its crazy, and somewhat slow at times, but I really have gotten into it, so expect more comics along these lines soon!

(yes i plan on keeping up with it this time!)
Hey thanks! yeah i like your comic a lot, but i dont know how often i will be updating mine, since i have kind of hit a stumbling block creatively.

We shall see what happens!
simple, yet effective.
The bear scares me. It shall scare me for a while.....I like the cute and cuddly-ness you put into it.
Makes me want to hug it, then run screaming.
I was gonna keep quiet, but then the pierce brosnan discussion perked my interest.

Of course everyone loves Connery, but I think for the modern day spy thriller there should be no substitute for Pierce. I mean our only comparison as of recent history is timothy dalton, blah. Pierce has the charisma needed to pull off the role.

Oh and the comic is cool, not the best of art but definitely interesting. Can't wait to see you get back to where you were :)
Yes the L33t Gopherz

Dont worry, they will make many appearances, including Tuesday's comic.
Hehe, that is just great! windex solves all of the world's woes.
good point
Never thought of doing a GTA one, i think that's now on the horizon. thanks a ton for the comments and votes!

yeah, zerofx, i miss playing halo with ya. sticky bombs rock!