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I'm a poor student and an unemployed burden on society. I plan to one day fall out of this niche, and straight into the lap of a sugar momma.
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Hmmmmm.... the pencil pages seem softer, fuzzier. Real life isn't so hard edged.

But the inked pages feel cleaner, more uniform.

I do rather like the pencil pages tho, pencil art has always poked at something in me. Appeals to me aesthetically. I'd welcome the pencil pages even without promise of more updates, there's something to them.

/finally logging into SmackJeeves again. Totally your fault.
This comic gets a 9/10. In the end it shows how being contained affects people, and how putting too much pressure to be “perfect” on children leads to horrible things. It’s a wonderful fore into the world of human psychology, another thing I love. I’m looking forward to following this comic.

The art is well done, but could use some color, and some characters need to speak up more, but this comic is going places, and those are the places I want to be!

ADDED TO MY LIST! You should do the same!

Reviewed at story page 107. 122 uploaded pages.

The story has me hooked. It starts out focusing on Unit B, the lower scoring of the government raised children being groomed for military leadership. Their first in command, Ivan, has been aiming to get into Unit A. He has managed to raise their test scores, made them more disciplined, and finally gets the opportunity. He winds up getting in, and it changes him greatly in the chapters hence. Various issues with the characters and the "new" Ivan. Throw in some back story and mysterious suicide and you have a gripping tale that I just can't wait to see what happens next.

Overall, the plot gets a 9/10. I am hooked, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
There are many characters in this story, enough that I’m having a bit of trouble remembering names. Then again, I can’t remember names unless I’ve known someone for a few months, so I can’t whine. However, there are a few that I have some problems telling apart from time to time. It could be that I’m just not familiar enough with their faces, because when the characters are next to each other, I can tell which is which, but when they’re apart… However, for the two characters I’m thinking of, the issue would easily be resolved in color, as one is blond and the other isn’t.

But, let’s move on. Each character came from similar circumstances and countries, being raised by “mom and dad” as well as the government. Tutored, taught English, something else if they already know it, and groomed for military leadership. Thankfully, each character had different events happen, giving them back stories, thank god. Each character is well thought out, and has a separate personality. Klaus is a pacifist, Kankuro is a slacker genius who could easily pass all the tests if he tried is best, but he doesn’t, and various others which all stand out.

The comic’s even long enough for character development! Ivan shows the greatest amount of change so far, but I won’t ruin it for you.

Overall, the characters get a 9/10. Each is well developed, has a back story, and a personality of their own. The only thing keeping me from giving them a 10 is that a few are just… there. Such as Tony, the Italian, I don’t remember him speaking much in the comic. From the fillers and animations the creator does, I get he’s a very passive character. The character page could use an update too, there are a total of two characters on it. Out of 12.
The art has clear roots in anime, to me at least. This is due mainly to the artist’s liberal use of chibis with super exaggerated facial expressions and poses to get simpler emotions across. However, the artist has clearly developed well beyond basic manga art, and made it into their own style. But it’s still manga. That being said, this is the kind of manga I like. Manga that isn’t generic, but is instead, the artist’s own.

The comic is yet another grayscale comic, one that actually seems to do it right. At first, the style was just pure light grays upon the pictures, and changed a few comics later when the artist got his hands on some screen tones. Fortunately there isn’t even enough time to get used to the original style for the new one to be jarring. Shading is done with the screen tones. However, the artist’s color work is beautiful, and I’d rather have that.

The art gets “cleaner” as it goes along. The lines are less sketchy, the screen tones get more defined edges, and the text and word bubbles become less muddled. Overall, it gives the comic a cleaner look.

Overall, the art gets an 8/10. Its very good base art, and the grayscale and shading are done with precision and skill. I just wish there was color.
Review List - Runway by Syas - A Murder of Crows by breakingbad - Sunrise by MeggersNuff

Nuff asked for it. I'll save this one for a little while tho since he never officially requested it, and I don't want to push others back for Nuff of all people. :P

Wewt! Some reviews! I finally have something to fill that hideous amount of free time I have over winter break!
4/10 – You might like it.

I’m not going to follow this comic, partially because I don’t like the art style, partially because the story didn’t appeal to me, partially because the main character is not someone I’d like to watch, and partially because it just needs a bit more of something I can’t quite put my finger on… This comic isn’t bad, it just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe its one of those stories that needs to be read after there are 100 comics for you to see the big picture.

This comic was reviewed at page 33.

Wanna check out this comic? Go here:
The basic plot is summed up well on the comic’s main page: Mace’s life almost comes to a screeching halt one day when he’s shot through the heart after finding a backpack filled with $100,000. Now, a series of strange people are after him, and the oddest thing is the people seem more interested in HIM than they do the money. Who are these people, and why is he alive after being "killed"?

Strange how he just found the money. Strange how the summary is farther along than the comic. Strange how the comic isn’t even pas the first sentence of its summary. Honestly, I can’t give it a good score because I learned more from the paragraph to get you to read it than I learned from the comic itself. That isn’t how its supposed to go really. Heck, I don’t even feel comfortable rating the plot.

But there is some back story that is hinted at in the first couple of pages, even if I can’t see how its going to be tied in just yet. I suppose that’s a good thing. One thing the summary didn’t tell me. Wewt!

I can’t give the plot anything higher than a 4/10. While the summary being farther along than the comic isn’t a horrid thing, it just raises people’s hopes, and when they find out there’s more to the summary than the comic, it dashes those hopes. There isn’t enough of the hinted at plot yet to justify a good score here.
There is one established character that I can be sure will be showing up again. And he’s the main character to it doesn’t count. Every encounter he has is only a few strips long, so I can’t get a gauge on any of the other people that could show up again. There’s a mob guy who’s hustling him for money the character lost in a card game, but he’s only around long enough to yell about getting his money, and be called a cheater by the main character. Another is one the main character runs into, literally, and all the time spent on him is a strip helping the guy pick up papers.

So, since there’s only one character, let’s focus on him, shall we. I believe his name is Mace, and he’s a man of vices. He’s addicted to cigarettes, and gambling on card games. His real personality is being obscured by all the bad stuff happening to him, which is just making him angry, although he seems the type to twist words and circumstance until he finds a way to justify what he’s doing.

Overall, the character gets a 3/10. He’s not well developed, and quite flat. He barely has a name, let alone the other characters, of whom we get to see almost nothing of.
First things first, the artist uses manga style. Or at least that’s the first thing I noticed. It’s done… relatively well, I’ve seen far worse. However I’ve also seen far better. Faces get scrunched a few times, and sometimes arms and legs get mysteriously longer, but I don’t expect everyone to be incredibly consistent. They attempt to add perspective to the characters themselves, and succeed some places, but it looks off in others. But, once again, perspective is one of the hardest things to do right, even on just buildings, without making it look a little off.

The artist uses grayscale to get colors across, however the style has changed since the beginning of the comic. From comic book/manga style dots to what appears to be hand drawn grey scale. As the grayscale changed, so did the amount of shading. It went from a little to absolutely zero. The artist may be trying to give the comic a cleaner look, but the new grayscale style just makes it look sloppier.

The artist does show a lot of promise sometimes. For one, the hands are very well drawn, at least later on, and none of the fingers seem to get misplaced. Body positioning gets much better too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much improvement over the span of 30 comics.

Overall, art gets a… 6/10. The style’s far from my favorite, and the grayscale starts to get sloppy, but the base art is good, even if some of the details start to muddle up the image.
The Other stuff
My "criteria":
While you only have to obey the rules of the site, I have a few things to ask that will net you a better review and a better score from good ol' Kilroy.

- I ask that you have at least one story arc finished. At least the introductory arc, where we meet the characters and the plot is introduced. Having more is much better, obviously.

- While I am not overly blunt, I will not go out of my way to sugar coat things. I will, however, tell you what's wrong, and what's not. I may even throw in some suggestions if I can think of any. ;)

I really don't have any other criteria that you should take into account.

At the end of the review I will give one of four "scores":

Added: I added it to my list of frequently checked comics. This is the highest "score" I give.

Check it out later: I will put it in a folder and check the comic out a bit later. This is only received if I think your comic is too short to justify a judgement, and shows enough promise to be added to the list. Longer comics can't get this score.

You might like it: I'm not adding it to the list, it isn't showing enough promise to go in the extra folder. But its not bad by any means. I just don't like it all that much. You might.

Avoid: Pretty obvious. Check out the comic at your own risk.

And my disclaimer: The reviews are my opinion. You might like a comic I label as Avoid, and you might hate a comic that I added to my list. Your opinion is the one that matters.
Mah Reviewing
Here's the things I do for reviews. I rate everything out of 10, with 10 being the best, and 0 being the worst. 5 is average, not sub par.

Art: I take a look at the art. Pretty self explanatory. I will not give anything to manga heavy a 10, just so you know. Not that it isn't good, its just not your own style, its copied off something else. There are many factors in this, from style choice, to color, to anatomy. It all depends on the style you chose, and the character design.

Characters: This may be a little weird, but I take a look at the characters. You may wonder why, but its quite simple, memorable characters make a comic much better. If the characters are flat, predictable, or just plain unbelievable, it can detract from the story, but if have depth and make decisions believably it adds to the story. In some chases, the characters make the strip, such as in episodic style story telling. Needless to say, in episodes, there isn't much overarching story to keep me interested, so the characters have to be great to keep me coming back.

Story/plot: Something else that doesn't need too much explaining. I give good scores here based on how interesting the story is, and on how well put together it is. Needless to say, the more of the story I know, the better I will be able to assess this category. Comics with only 20 strips will seldom receive an above average score. This isn't to say that having 200 strips will net you a good score either, it just makes my job easier, and your potential score higher.
For strips without an overarching plot, I'll change this category accordingly. Comedy strips will be rated on comedy, episodic will be rated on how interesting each episode is, etc.