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6foot tall 295lb. gray hair blue eyes (for the rest you need to buy me dinner)
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Come on Steve walk it off!!!
Looks like Mister Rabbet made a real ASH of himself. BU-DUMP BUMP Thank you I'll be here all week!
Honey We're Home
I suspect her mom and dad have arrived.
an old dungen crawler
We used to say "Take everything not nailed down. And if you can pry it up then it wasn't nailed down was it?"
Who else saw this coming. As for needing the halo, he freaking works for the GUY who makes them I think he can get a replacement.
A thougght
From the looks of it Steve could force the halo onto the crystal where it would act as a cantonment system.
ouch again.
This is going to hurt!!!!!!
As the Jeanie said "Infinite cosmic power, teeny tiny living-space." man that has got to suck
It's time to bring the PAIN!
I hope that hurt.........A LOT!
Oh so now we're doing Mortal Kombat jokes? Besides you and I both know that is just going to piss Maulsalot off.
But whoes???
The question is whose patience is at an end the dark lords or The Bearanator?
I hope its The Bear or they could be at this all day.
Roten fruit
@heliumsquid: Hang on a moment I know I have some over ripe tomatoes here some where. Puns like those deserve some form of recognition might as will go with the classic.
I suspect he jumped through in order to grab something he had stored in the shadow that he thinks will help him. The real question is what did he grab and how much help will it be?
Taunting Steve!!!! When Steve finally finds a why to hurt him it wont be pretty nor will the end be quick.
I am reminded of when Sally gave Steve all those magic things for his quest and Steve had no idea how to use them.
I sure hope Steve uses lubricant before he puts that where it belongs.
Party time
Now all he needs is the razor wire to warp it with it we can get the party started!!!
I just hope they are wearing Depends, because I am sure facing Death with that list of transgressions would make Lu drop a log.
Sounds better
What Steve should have said when the Knight turned to find Steve behind him was "Did I say we were finished here?" It shows that Steve is in control not the Knight or his "Masters". And it feels more menacing.